Never forget me...

'Yes, we remember, the brave deeds you've done, we remember your faces eternally young.' In the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time, Rose and Harry find eachother, but will the second world war tear them apart?


3. No where to go


4th September 1939 

"Harry get yourself downstairs now, you're breakfast is on the table and it's getting cold!" Mum called me from downstairs, I opened my eyes, light was streaming through the window and into my bedroom, which I shared with my younger brother Richard. I looked across to his bed, but he wasn't there and his bed was made; his side of the room was so much cleaner than mine, his books were neatly put away on the selves, his bedside table was neatly arranged, two brothers couldn't be completely different but Dickey cared more about mum than I did, he'd do anything to help her. 

Our dad died about a year ago now, in a work accident, we never had much money because he was the only one that worked in our house, and now we have nothing. We moved into a small two bedroom place, on the basement of some apartment block in east London, mum tried her best but we lived in a dark, damp pit we called home. I was meant to be the man of the house, and I was doing a pretty bad job at that, I was pretty bad at everything. I've lost almost every job I have had, and now I did nothing, I was a let down. I was lucky we still had a small amount of food on the table and we had a sort of roof on over our head for now. 

I rolled out of bed, pulling the sheets across, as well as I could, which wasn't very well at all. I grabbed the first pair of trousers off the chair next to my bed an pulled them on, grabbing a shirt. I made my way downstairs, I could hear mum and Dickey talking downstairs, I buttoned up my shirt and opened the kitchen door. Mum and Dickey glared at me, well it was nice to feel welcome by my own family. 

"Harry, you're breakfast is cold now..." I walked over and sat down at the table, there was a bowl of porridge in my place, I hated it anyway, as we've been eating it everyday for months. I looked up at mum, but she just stared blankly at me. 

"Mum, please? I'll work something out, I'll get a job." She smiled, but Dickey didn't, I think I hated how I was meant to protect us and I never did. 

"It won't happen, you're just a child..." Mum whispered, but she was right I was a disappointment to everyone. 

"I'll grow up, I'll get a job, I'm sure with the war on, I'll find somewhere." Dickey got up and snatched the bowl away from me,

"What do you expect, they want soldiers and you're just a 16 year old, who can't do anything. Yeah, Harry, you'll get a job." He threw the plate into the sink and left, but a maybe a soldier wasn't a completely bad idea, I hadn't failed at that yet. 

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