Never forget me...

'Yes, we remember, the brave deeds you've done, we remember your faces eternally young.' In the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time, Rose and Harry find eachother, but will the second world war tear them apart?


2. Freddy


4th September 1939- 11:30am

Mother says it would be a good idea to write a diary, she brought me this book last week, and I haven't really picked the best time to start writing in it. Yesterday, the Prime minister declaired War on Germany, and since then mother has been in tears, I don't really understand why she's so worried, we're safe in the country, that's what father said. Thank goodness father is too old to be sent away to war, they're already wanting people to sign up as soldiers, but I'm sure the Germans aren't that fast. The thing is Freddy said that he might go to war, even though we are only 16, I tried to talk him out of it.

"Freddy, why go to war? You're not even old enough and we need you on the farm." He looked at me in disgust, as we walked through the fields, 

"Come on Rose, I'm a man, I need to do my duties." Why was he so patriotic all of a sudden?

"You're as much as a man as I am Freddy. You're 16, the recrutment age is 18, no way will they let you in, you don't even look 18, let alone act it." I laughed, as he stopped he stared at me, running his fingers through his curls.

"I think you'll find I get mistaken for a 18 year old all the time." I couldn't believe him, he was the youngest looking 16 year old in the village, plus everyone round here knew everyone, no way would he be mistaken for a day older than he is!

"Go on then, when were you ever mistaken for an 18 year old?" He thought about it, exactly, he never has been.

"Well, David was recruted and he's 17, so wait a few months and they'll be begging for an amazing soldier like me to join the ranks." He grabbed me, I screamed, as he pulled me into the long grass, falling to the floor. "I'll miss you though Rose, you do know that right?" He looked right into my eyes,

"I'll miss you too Fred, you're my best friend, promise me you won't leave to soon?" He smiled at me, before patting my hand,

"I'll leave when I'm needed I guess, but I'll come back, every so often, the war will be over soon..."

"But it's a war Freddy, you don't know what will happen, you don't know if you'll come back..." I interrupted, but he didn't want to hear, he jumped to his feet.

"I'll race you to the farm house?" He laughed before running off into the long grass.

I don't want Freddy to leave, I think I love him? But I don't know what that feels like, not just yet...

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