Never forget me...

'Yes, we remember, the brave deeds you've done, we remember your faces eternally young.' In the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time, Rose and Harry find eachother, but will the second world war tear them apart?


4. Flowers


10th September 1939

"Mother I was thinking of helping the war effort in some way." I told mother as she cleaned the kitchen, she wasn't really listening to me, "Mother?" She sighed, before throwing a cloth at me, I caught it. 

"You are already helping Rose, you have your place on the farm, if you really want to help, help me clean." She didn't get it, what I really wanted to do is actually in the war, but she wasn't going to let me do that. 

"No, mother I mean actually in the war... With Freddy." I whispered, mum stared at me for a moment before continuing to clean the sink. 

"Dear, Freddy isn't going to war, he's child just like you. You both have your place on the farm, the village needs feeding." Maybe I shouldn't of told her Freddy was going, but he was, nothing would stop him. I spent most of the week begging him not to sign up, but he was going to the war office this morning. 

"He is going mum, and I'm going too." I argued, but she was still taking no notice of me, 

"Maybe I'll have a word with his mother, but you're a child Rose. If it means so much to you, go and muck out the pigs, you're father and George is down there." I hated this, I stormed out the back door and into the paddock, dropping the cloth on the floor, I hated the farm; I needed to go and find Freddy. I made my way towards the gate and towards the village, I needed time to think what I needed to do next, what jobs were there for me to do, no way was I being a land girl. I heard a few ladies were going to be firemen and police women but that meant staying in Britain, but women weren't soldiers.

Freddy ran along the lane towards me, at least someone was happy.

"Hey Rose!" He called towards me, I smiled and waved. "Guess what?"

"What?" I asked as he reached me,

"I got in! I'm signed up, I'm going for training in a week. That's great right?" He burst out, I smiled back, but I didn't want him to get in,

"Yeah that's great, but now I'm all by myself. Mother says I have to be a land girl." I sighed, but he laughed,

"You're useless at that! Why don't you become a nurse or something?" He asked, I'd never thought of that, maybe it wasn't a completely useless at that, but I'd never tried it.

"They want nurses?" We slowly walked along the lane, turning into the field.

"Yeah they are, just lie about you're age, when they get desperate they'll take anyone." He pulled a flower from a tree and handed it to me, butterflies danced in my stomach.

"Is that meant to make the insult less painful for me?" I smiled as I looked at the flower, I needed Freddy.

"Well maybe, but also I'll miss you Rose...." I looked up at him, to smile but as I did he kissed me. Oh' goodness, I had no idea what to do, I gently pulled away.

"I'll miss you too..." I whispered...   

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