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1. the only chapter

there was this family. they were the happiest little family ever. in that family there was a little boy who was 8 years old, his name was Kevin, and there was a little girl who was only 6. she loved her brother alot, but she thought that her brother hates her. her name was lily. and their parents. Kevin always bothered his sister. one day they were all in the car, they were happy but that happiness didnt last long. because one guy decided to comit suicide that day, by crashing his car into another car. and there it was...     *BOOM*...      the parents died in the car, but hte kids were sent to hospital, the police decided to send the children to the orphans house, this is when kevin decides he doesnt want to go! so he and lily escaped from the hospital that night. they spent the night next to garbage in a very dark place. "why cant we just go to the orphans house?"lily asked, 2because i dont want to live with strangers! if you dont want to be here then go back1 to those cops!" Kevin screamed. lily was crying... some men heard lily crying and found the kids. "hey kids are you lost?" Kevin told them everything, the men took kevin and lily to their house.. lily couldnt understand why the men let them live in their house for free. and there was her brother going out and comeing back with scars all over his face... AFTER 2 YEARS, Kevin was becoming meaner and meaner to his sister everyday. he was 10 years old now. his sister didnt know what he was going through for her.he knew he should sacrifice himself for his sister. so he sold drugs and himself as well. he was a little boy so if he did something wrong people would hit him. but he always smiled for his sister... one day lily had enough so she followed her brother, she saw her brother with two men, then suddenly the two men noticed her. and wanted her! Kevin tried so hard to stop those men. he got to lily and held her hand tight. suddenly 1 of the men pushed lily into the road a car came and...   *BOOM*  lily opened her eyes and saw her brother bleeding1 he had saved her life. in the hospital no one told lily anything. when she went to see kevin. Kevin said " i am sorry t...o... leave you!" !why couldnt we just go to the orphans house? then you would be okay... today...2 so kevid replied " if we went to the orphans house we would be separated , and i dont want us to separated!  p..l...e...a...s....e dont cry i a..m g...o...i...g to ou...r parents... you... i. no more words came out of Kevins mouth the doctor entered to room and told lily that she had to leave. lily asked why she had to leave! the doctor told her that her brother had passed away. "Nooooooo" lily wailed. little kevin who was only ten had died and lily ended up being loved by a diffrent family at the orphans house...                     ...THE END...

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