Watch Out

Florence is just an ordinary girl- when she gets plucked from her ordinary life and spun into a mysterious world. Will she ever escape?


1. Watch Out



I drew the soft blanket up to my chin. The dim light of the crackling fire illuminated the corner of the room, and the gentle orange walls gave the room its comforting light. I sighed, Saturday evenings were such a drag since... well... it ...happened. I suppose I should explain.

See, my Dad is an extremely rich businessman, who is always off on "urgent" trips. Often, he visits 3 different countries in two weeks, meaning he spends virtually no time at home. And my Mum... well she's a bit "grumpy", ever since they started arguing. Every evening he used to ring her, and they would be laughing and smiling, but then one time he had to "delay" his return, and she went crazy. So now they don't talk, and Dad's moving out. Forced by Mum.

Today they went to settle the divorce, and got my 20 year old sister to "look after" me. Basically, spend the entire evening on Facebook and her phone. So I was stuck in here, alone.

My eyes began to well up, and I could feel my cheeks getting red. Tears overflowed, and spilled down my face. I quickly wiped them away on my sleeve- I was never one for crying. I took deep breaths, and focused on the comforting orange walls. I told myself I could get through this- I had made it 2 days without crying. The first day didn't count- when they had told me, I had spent the entire evening crying into my pillow. My tears were still pushing their way over the edge, but I focused all my energy on fighting them back. Sometimes, I couldn't do it.

I gazed into the fire, focusing on the graceful dancing flames, trying to tame my hot cheeks. Suddenly, the flames parted, and wispy flames linked together. I stared at the words, my eyebrows lifting. My eyes traced and retraced the letters, trying to figure whether I was insane, or experiancing some weird trick. But no, I was certain. This was real. It was a message, saying


Watch Out


In swirls of flames. Watch out? Watch out for what?

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