Watch Out

Florence is just an ordinary girl- when she gets plucked from her ordinary life and spun into a mysterious world. Will she ever escape?


3. New Life

The days leading up to my Dad moving out passed like a blur. One day merged into the next- so that I didn't even know the date. I was beginning to feel useless. Dad was silently shoving his belongings into boxes, and Mum was out, most of the time. They avoided any awkwardness by avoiding eachother.

I was nearly constantly thinking about the message in the fire. It was always on my mind- like a leech, constantly tugging at my thoughts. I often looked deeply into the fire for any more signs- but... nothing. I eventually gave up.

It was with all this that I was beginning to feel like I was being covered by falling earth- my heart and soul being binded by this strange new substance that was choking my feelings. I felt like I was silently yelling, but no one paid me the slightest attention.

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