A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


2. Two

When we pulled into her drive way, Morgan hopped out of her car, and ran for her front door. I was just getting out of the passenger side, when I heard a loud scream coming from inside the house. I grabbed my bookbag, and ran inside. Right when i walked inside, i saw Morgan tackling some boy on the floor, and four other boys standing and watching. They all stopped laughing when they looked at me. "Morgan, i have told you this before. It is not nice to tackle people to the floor when you are excited to see them. Hi Niall. It is good to see you again." I said. I was prying Morgan off of her cousin Niall, when i heard everyone laughing again.

"Hi, Paige. I dont understand how she is your bestfriend." he started laughing as i shook his hand. I shook my head and then looked over to Morgan who was now giving the other four boys a hug. I just stood there awkwardly untill Morgan called me over. "Paige, i would like you to meet the rest of One Direction. Since you already know Niall." She hand guesterd to the other boys as she named them one by one. "This is Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles" I smiled and shook each of their hands, well except for Harry who pulled me in for a hug and whispered in my ear and said "It is nice to meet you Paige. I look forward to touring with you." and i got chills. When he pulled away I noticed that i felt my cheeks burning. i smiled at him. He laughed as he pointed into the direction where Morgan was. I had noticed that she had gotten a hand full of pasta, and chicken, and was scarfing it down.

"Geez Morgan! No need to eat like an animal!" i said wihle laughing at her. "Im hungry though!" and with that comment, everybody burst out laughing and i did too. Me and Morgan shared an appartment, so i just dragged myself upstairs and went into my bedroom. I had set my school stuff down on my desk, and then decided to take a shower.

Harry's POV

Niall;s cousin Morgan started to give a tour of her and Paige's appartment. Speaking of Paige, she was really cute. Her brown hair went down to her shoulder blade, and her hazel eyes were really bright and full of life. Morgan had started the tour downstairs, and then she was going upstairs. I had heard a sound, like humming or singing coming from Paige's room. I had slowly drifted away from the group and slowly opened the door to Paige's room. I stepped inside and stood there admiring her room.

It was a deep purple color, with the furniture neatly fixed and her bed neatly made. She had pictures of her family, Morgan and Niall on her walls. On her nightstand, there was a picture of Paige and Morgan when they were in what looked to be 6th grade. I put down the picture and sat on her bed looking around her room a little more. I heard the water coming from the bathroom stop, and i heard singing coming from the bathroom. Paige was a really good singer! she had a beautiful voice. It was soft and luring. I was turned around when Paige came out of the bathroom.

"Harry?" she said. I turned around, and noticed that she was clothed in a pair of white areopostale shorts, and a black floral shirt that was longer in the back and with a black tank top underneath. Her hair was brushed to the side and she had eyeliner and mascara. She looked beautiful. "Oh. hi Paige. I was just uh,- i was just..." "I know getting away from Morgans tour?" she laughed as i shook my head and agreed.

"You have a beautiful voice Paige, I heard you singing in the bathroom." i said taking a step closer to her. "Oh. You heard that?" she asked nervously. She took a step back. I was getting closer to her. "Yes, and i think you are very talented." "Well that you Harry. But i really think i should get going now." she had been backed up against the wall, and somehow got underneath my arms. She turned around one more time before walking out, "Nice try Styles." and then she smiled innocently. "This girl is going to drive me insane." i thought to myself. I laughed and exited the room after her.  

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