A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


3. Three

Paige's POV

I laughed to myself as i exited the room. To realise how desperate Harry was, even though he could get any girl that he wanted, i found it quite funny. I shook my head, and walked downstairs to join everyone in the living area. "Yea, so Miss Paige here is single everyone!" I gave Morgan the death glare, and sat down in between Niall and Liam. "OMG! I just remembered that Paige still needs to pack!" Everyone turned to look at me. "I'll just go pack now then..." i got up and felt a tight grip on my wrist. "I'll help you, Paige. That is - if you want me too?" Niall looked at me with pleading eyes and I blushed as i realised that he was still holding my wrist. "Sure. If you want too." I gave him a smile and he immediately shot out of his seat. I waved goodbye to everyone, and Niall followed me upstairs.

I walked in and shut the door behind Niall and I. "Uhm, could you grab my suitcase for me? It's in my closet." I pointed towards the walk in closet on the opposite side of my room. He grabbed it and then dragged it and put it on my bed. "So, what is going on between you and Harry?" Niall asked me while taking a seat on my bed. I stopped grabbing my shorts out of the drawer in my dresser and then responded. "No-nothing why?" I asked. I didnt know if he could tell that i was blushing. "Well, i saw him walk out of your bedroom, so i just wondering." He was behind me now, not like right behind me, but like waking towards me. I turned to put the shorts in my suitcase and ran into him, not noticing how close he was. "Oh, so-sorry Niall." i said blushing and picking my shorts up off the ground.

He bent down to help me, and our hands brushed as we both headed for the same pair of white shorts. He turned his head to look at me. I did the same looking straight into his eyes. I had never noticed how pretty they were. A sparkling deep blue color. "You have beautiful eyes, Paige." Niall told me. I looked down at the ground blushing and grabbed the pair of shorts, and slowly got up. He did the same, handing me a pile of shorts that fell on the ground. "Thanks." I said. I put the shorts in my suitcase, and i heard a muffled laugh coming from downstairs. It was Morgan's. She had the same laugh as Niall, but more in a girly voice. Niall handed me a stack of shirts, and some socks. "Here." He said handing them to me. I smiled at him. I neatly stacked them into the suitcase.

"Can i ask for your opinon Paige?" Niall asked me, He sat down on my bed again. "Sure, anything!" I said going to get my song books off of the top shelf in my closet. I was on my tip toes but I still wasnt tall enough. I felt some one hovering over me, and i looked up to see Niall's body pressed against my back, and him grabbing the box of books off the shelf for me. Before i could grab my books from him, He took one. "Niall! Give me that!" I shouted. I was reaching for the book. "No, I wanna see what these are!" He ran around my room. "Niall! Those are my songs! They are private now give me my book!" I hit him in the back, but he didnt budge. I was starting to get angry, as Niall suddenly stopped in his tracks and i ran into him not looking where i was going. I toppled on top of him. He rolled us over and now he was on top of me. Still reading my book.

"Those are really good songs Paige! Do you sing?" he asked me. Still on top of me. I started to fell my cheeks go hot. "Uhm- Some times, when im alone. I dont like people listening to me." I said still blushing. I snatched the book out of his hand, but he still wouldnt get off of me. WE just stared in each others eyes for a few moments, when i realised how close our faces were to each other. I could feel his breath on my lips and then he started to get closer to me. As he started inching closer, my breathing started to hitch. I suddenly felt a warm, soft pair of lips press against mine. I closed my eyes, and then i felt him smile. Causing me to smile as well. I had always had a slight crush on Niall, but i never knew that he felt the same. He pulled away, and smiled at me.

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