A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


13. Thirteen

Morgan's POV

I decided to follow Paige out into the main room. She wanted to show me something so I figured it might lift my mood a little. Right when I stepped out fo the room Harry burst through the hotel doors. He kept going on about how he thought he lost me, and that he was glad I wasnt hurt. "Wait, what?" I said. He pulled away from the hug, and held my shoulders. "Louis called me and said to get here as fast as  could because there was an emergency so I rushed here as fast as I could!" He pulled me in for a hug again. "Harry, trust me Im fine. Nothing happend. This must have been a setup." I giggled. His chest bounced up and down as he laughed with me. "But, Morgan, if I ever did loose you, I have no idea what I would do.... Please, I am so sorry. Let me explain what happened." without even waiting for a response he continued. "The twitter question just caught me off gaurd. You just became my girlfriend. I didnt want to have the fans start ambushing you while you were in the crowd with them. I am so so so so so sorry Morgan. So So sorry."

I felt a tear drop onto the top of my head. I turned my face up to meet his gaze. I smiled at him, and snuggled into his chest even tighter. His wrap around my arms tightend as well. i sighed. "I love you Morgan." He whispered into my hair. I was so taken aback by what he said. "I love you too." I smiled to myself. "I promise that next time I go into public, I will make it clear that you are my girlfriend.  I love you to much to let you go now." He said. "AAAWWWWW!!!" I heard from the room were Louis and Paige were. "THATS SO CUTE!!" Paige screeched. Then she had a depressed look on her face. She tried to hide it, but I have known her for to long. I know when she is trying to hide something. I would talk to her about it later. I was happy with where I was. Right here in Harry's arms.



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