A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


10. Ten

Niall's POV

I cant believe she didnt tell me sooner. I would never had asked her out if I knew she was going to be so far away...  "Listen Paige.... I think it is best if we stay friends. I cant do a long distance relationship. It will be to hard. Im so so sorry." I started crying now. She got up quickly. "If this is what you want, ok. I will be your friend, but I will always love you Niall." She shook her head, and walked out of the resteraunt. I just sat there in shock, until Morgan realized that Paige was gone.

"Niall what did you do??" She scremed at me. "I broke up with her." I said quietly. "How could you??????" She yelled at me now. I was crying, Morgan ran out of the resteraunt to find Paige. After a wihle of just sitting there by myself, Louis came over. "Dude, what happened? Your the on ewho asked her out. You told her you loved her? What the hell is going on?!?" Louis sat down in front of me. "She was leaving the tour early to go to college. I told her that I couldnt have a long distance relationship, and i broke up with her. She said she will always love me. And then she left." I was crying. "You.. - you just- oh Niall. Im sorry. But we have a concert later, you might want to pull yourself together." He smiled at me, patted me on the shoulder and then he left. The other boys had already gone, and I was the last one to leave.

Morgan's POV

I cant believe him. He broke her heart. I thought she wouldve broke his first, but I was wrong. I ran out of the resteraunt looking for Paige, until I realized that the only place she wouls go is back to the hotel. She had no where else to go. I hailed a cab that took me to the hotel. When I got into the room, I looked inside me and Paige's hotel room. She was laying on the bed, not sheding a tear, not crying, just staring at the ceiling. "Paige?" she looked at me and smiled. "Are you ok?" I sat down next to her. "Yea, I mean i agree with him, yea im upset. But I mean, what was I thinking? I could not have actually believed it was going to work." She laughed a little. "Are you still going to be on tour with us?" She looked at me in shock. "Well of course! I am not leaving my best friend behind!" I squealed and gave her a huge hug. "Girls night?" I offered. "Girls night needed." She laughed. All night we sat around eating ice cream, watching movies,, talking about the tour. "It is going to be so much fun touring the world with my best friend!!!" She squealed. She was completely oblivious to the fact that her and Niall had just broken up. "So what is going on with you and Harry??" She smirked winking at me. I felt my face flush. "Nothing. He dosent even like me, so can we drop it?" I pleaded. "Sure, but who in the band, besides Harry and Niall, do you think is the cutest?" She questioned me. "Uhm.... I'dd have to say Liam because he is just so cute. His big brown eyes are just to die for!" I answered she giggled. "I like Louis. He is soooo funny and sweet and kind. But I dont think he'll like me back." She sulked. Besides Niall, I finally found out who she liked. And he liked her back! I was going to totally tell him tomorrow.

He has been kind of sulky since El and him broke up.And this would just cheer him right up. Me and Paige decided to get ready for the concert together. Louis and Harry were coming to pick us up later. I was so excited for Paige and Louis!

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