A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


9. Nine

Paige's POV

WE arrived at the hotel, and I must say, it was huge. The hotel room was the enitre third floor. It had four bedrooms, one for me and Morgan, one for Niall and Liam, one for Louis and Harry and one for Zayn. I didnt share a room with Niall because Morgan didnt want to share a room with one of the boys. I would've though. It had a full kitchen, living room, which was humungous, and all the hotel rooms had a bathroom connected to it. "Wow..." me and Morgan whispered at the same time. The boys gave me and Morgan the biggest room, they are gentleman. We laughed togther, and the boys were acting like they see this everyday.

"Why arent you guys as surprised as we are?!?" Morgan said. "We get hotel rooms like this all the time. It really isnt the biggest one we have stayed in." My mouth dropped. There are hotel rooms bigger than this? How is that possible? Niall came and put a finger under my chin and chuckled and my reaction.

"I want NANDOS!" Niall screamed from the kitchen. "Ugh.." Everybody sighed. "What their food is good." Niall shrugged. After we all agreed to go to Nandos, we left. Paul drove us in a big SUV parked outside. There were fans everywhere. 'WE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION! I LOVE YOU! MARRY ME HARRY! MARRY ME! HAVE MY BABIES!' I laughed at the last one. I even heard people shouting my name. I was dragged out of the area by Niall. He had a tight grip on my wrist. He turned back and smiled at me. I just giggled.

The car ride was consisted of laughing and joking around. I noticed Harry talking with Morgan. He whispered in her ear, and she blushed and giggled. Hmm, I wonder whats going on. We arrived at the resteraunt, which was shut down just for us. That didnt stop fans from trying to get inside. Niall had my hand again, and he sat me down at a table away from the rest of the group. "Niall, shouldnt we be sitting with the boys and Morgan?" He just shook his head. Not answering my question. I glanced over at Morgan who was looking at me like 'why arent you over here?' and i gave her the 'I have no idea' look.

I was really confuesed, but i let it go, as Niall came back with a ticket that had our number on it. "Why arent we with the boys?" I tilted my head to the side. "I wanted us to be alone so we could have our first official date." And then he smiled at me. I blushed. "oh, ok." I smiled at him giggling. He took my hand fro across the table. "So, tell me about yourself." He smirked. "Niall, we have known each other since we were little. I think you know there is everything to know about me." I laughed. "Yea, but I mean, how is school, family, your personal life. You never talk about it." He gave me the 'look'.

"Oh, well, school is good, I have straight A's and a full scholorship to any college. I havent decided where and which one yet, but I was considering MIT. I am majoring in chemistry. It's my favorite subject." He gave me worried eyes. "How will we be able to see each other??" He practically screamed. "Niall chill. I havent even decided." I put my hand on his, but he jerked it away. "Niall, whats wrong?" He just looked at me sadly. "When does the college start?" "Not for another month or so. I am going to be on tour with you still, but i'll have to leave early. I think Morgan is too." He got teary eyed. "Listen, Paige....."



You guys should leave what you think....

Will Niall end it with Paige? Will he ask Paige to move with him to London? What do you think???

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