A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


4. Four

Niall's POV

I had offered to help Paige pack because I wanted to talk to her alone. I have known Paige for a long time, ever since she and Morgan were little. I had always thought that she was beautiful with her long brunette hair, and her shiny hazel eyes. I have always had a crush on her, so i figured that this was my chance to tell her that i wanted to be more than friends. When i asked her about her and Harry, i could tell that she was blushing. But i believed that nothing happened. "Can I ask for your opinon Paige?" "Sure anything!" She said excitedly. She walked into the closet, and I saw her struggling to reach for something so I went in there to help her.

She turned to look up at me. I laughed, as she began to scream at me for taking one of her song books. These songs were actually really good! I hadnt noticed how close she was, and then she ended up falling on top of me. I rolled over so I was on top of her. "Those songs are really good Paige! Do you sing?" I noticed she was still blushing. "Uhm,- Some times, when im alone. I dont like people listening to me." She snatched the book out of my hand and held it to her chest. Our faces were about 2 centimeters apart. I figured this was my chance, so I started inching closer. I heard her breathing hitch, and then i kissed her. I smiled in the kiss, and then she did. When i pulled away, I smiled at her. She smiled back at me, and then while I was distracted looking at her, she took her hand, and pushed me off of her.

"I have to finish packing Niall." she giggled. As she shoved more clothes in her suitcase, i wrapped my arms around her waist. I kisssed her shoulder, and then she sighed. "I have always liked you Paige." She paused what she was doing, and then turned to look at me. "Really?" she asked slightly surprised. "Well, Yeah. I always though you were so beautiful and kind and sweet and nice." She started blushing again, as she looked at the floor. "I like you too, Niall." I smiled at myself, and turned her face to look at me. She was smiling. "Will you- uhm- be my- my girl friend Paige?" I started blushing. That was definately not how i wanted to ask, but I figured it was now or never. "Uhm, Yeah." I smiled, hugged her and then spun her around. She was laughing the whole time. "Niall! We gotta go!" I heard Liam call me downstairs. "Great. Well, I'll see you tomorrow beautiful."

She giggled and then blushed. "Bye Nialler. I'll walk you downstairs." She smiled at me, still blushing. I loved it when she blushed. I grabbed her hand, intertwined our fingers and then walked downstairs. She looked at me smiling and then the loud talking downstairs had stopped. All eyes were on us. "Hi everybody." Paige said. "What did we miss?" Morgan said. She was looking down at our hands and Paige started blushing again. "Well, thanks to you Morgan, I finally asked Paige out." I smirked and then the most annoying sound came from her. "OMGGGG!!! FINALLY!!!!" She screeched on the top of her lungs. We just laughed. I noticed Harry glaring at me, but i shook it off. I was happy that for once, I got the girl. She ran over to us, and hugged us both at the same time. I was still laughing.

Paige walked me to the door, and i hugged her goodbye. I kissed her cheek, "Goodbye babe." I smiled at her. "Goodbye Nialler." she hugged me one more time. I then ;eft and got in the car with the other boys. Harry was silent the whole ride to the hotel. "Congrats Niall." Liam and Zayn said at the same time. Finally, I felt like i had found my princess. I smiled to myself and just looked down blushing. I felt Harry glaring at me. I just ignored it, and looked away.

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