A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


5. Five

Harry's POV

Great. I should at least let Niall have this one. I always end up taking the girl that he wants. But I just couldnt get her out of my head. The way her hair swayed from side to side as she walked, the way that her eyes lit up whenever she found something funny or cute. Whenever she was in the room i got butterflies, and it sounds kinda cheesy, but this was love at first sight for me, maybe not for her, but definately for me. I love Niall like a bro, and i would never do anything to hurt him, so hopefully, I can contain my feelings for at least the tour. Maybe, I could get Morgan. After all she was pretty cute as well. Her blonde curly hair, and her blue eyes. She was so bubly and funny. She didnt come off as shy, but rather outgoing. She was fit too. I still had my mind caught up on Paige though. Maybe if I hang around Morgan more, my feelings will change.


Morgan's POV

"I am so happy for you Paige!!" After Niall left the appartment, I ran up and gave Paige the biggest bear hug. "Listen, Niall is gentle and sensitive. He also gets jealous real easy, so dont do anything stupid. If you hurt him, I will find you, and hurt you too." I gave her a very serious tone. She looked a little worried, but then i smiled at her. "Why on Earth would I ever do that? You know how i feel about him! I would never hurt him!" She seemed a little hurt. "I know. It's just that all the other girls that he has been with have hurt him. He is like my big brother, I just dont want to see him get hurt." I hugged her again. She just laughed it off, and we decided to have a girls night, before we left for tour with a bunch of boys.

"Hey Morgan, what movie you wanna watch?" Paige called from the living space. "Uhm- I dont care, you choose!" I yelled back. I was grabbing all the snacks i could possibly fit into my arms. Pringles, ice cream, soda, a junk load of candy, and chocolate. I threw all the snacks onto the coffee table in front of the T.V. Paige had decided on the movie, Mean Girls.

We barely even watched the movie. "So, Morgan, who is your guy crushhhhhhh???" She held out the 'H'. "Well, I like this guy. But I am pretty sure he has a crush on you." I said sadly. "I doubt it. Who?!?" Paige was getting even more eager. "Well. He is in the band that we are touring with. He is super cute, and has curly hair." I started blushing. "OMG. You like Harry?" Her eyes got wide. "Maybe." I stated taking a huge scoop of 'Ben and Jerrys Phish Food' ice cream and shoving it in my mouth.

"Well, obviously, he cant like me. I am taken." She winked, and then started blushing. I just laughed. "Maybe, if he gets to know you better he just wouldnt be able to resist you!" She said matter-of-factly. I laughed even harder. "What?!? Your funny, out going, bubly, and not to mention SOOPPSS HOT!" I was still laughing and she joined. The rest of the night, we talked about boys and life. At about 12pm, we decided to go to bed, we had an early flight, and the boys were coming to pick us up in the morning. "Night Penguin" I called after her. "You know i hate that nick name! Night Moo Moo!" I laughed and waved. She blew me a kiss, and then with that she shut her door. I walked in my bedroom, and got my clothes ready for in the morning. I would be wearing light shreaded skinny jeans, with a tight white ruffled shirt from hollister, and my white converse. I was going to put my hair up in a ponytail, and just let my curls flow down my back.

To be honest, i wanted to look cute for Harry, but i wanted it to seem like i didnt even try.

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