A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....



A few weeks before the tour was over, Paige left to go to college, and Paige was still with Niall. Morgan and Harry satyed together for about 2 more years and then decided to get married. Louis was Harry's best man, and the others were the groomsmen. Paige was Morgan's maid of honor. It was a beautiful ceremony and at the reception, Morgan and Harry announced that they were pregnant with their first child. Niall and Paige got engaged not long after that, and got married after Morgan had Rebecca. Their daughter. After the wedding Niall and Paige went on their honeymoon at Hawaii. Paige got pregnant, and ha a baby boy names Niall James Jr. JJ for short.

One Direction had their last concert about 5 months after Paige gave birth. Niall was 25, Paige was 24. Liam and Danielle got married, as well as Louis and Eleanor, and Zayn and Perrie. Liam and Danielle had twins, Joey and Jillian, and girl and a boy. Louis and Eleanor had a baby gir, Jennifer and Zayn and Perrie had a baby boy, Jack. All the kids grew up together.

Everybody lived happily ever after <3


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