A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


11. Eleven

Louis POV

El had broke up with me a couple of days ago and I couldnt even talk to anyone. But I decided that maybe it was for the best. Me and Harry had agreed to go pick up Paige and Morgan for the concert. Speaking of Paige, she was quite beautiful. Her long brown hair, and her bright hazel eyes. I lite up everytime she smiled, or even just came around. I know that this is wrong to say, but I am happy that her and Niall broke up. I like Paige, but I am pretty sure that she dosent like me back. "Time to go pick the ladies up Boobear!" Hazza called from the kitchen. "Coming Hazzzaaa!" I yelled back. I pulled my shoes on, and met Harry at the door.

We walked down to Harry's car and got inside. "So, are you gonna ask Morgan out?" I said trying to make convorsation. "Well, she is beautiful and sweet." He started blushing. "DDDAAAWW! Hazza's got a crush!" I ran my fingers through his hair, which I know he hated. He swated at my hand, and we pulled up to the hotel. I made a punny joke as we walked up to the door of their room. We were still laughing when Harry all of a sudden stopped I turned to see Morgan in the doorway. Her blonde curls were straightened, and she was wearing a pair of shreaded skinny jeans. They fit her well, and a black shirt that showed off her curves well. She had on black converses. I turned to Harry who was staring at her the whole time. His jaw dropped. I picked his jaw up with my hand and slapped him in the face.

I laughed as he glared at me and then started blushing even more than before. I heard Morgan giggle and blush as Harry was still looking at her. I stood by the door and checked twitter when I heard a second pair of footsteps come to the room. I looked up from my phone to see Paige there. Her brown hair curled loosly. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a tie dyed top with white converses as well. I felt my eyes wonder her body looking at her every curve. "Louis?" Harry waved a hand in my face. "Yea, huh?" I said. I blushed as I saw Paige giggle. When we walked out of the hotel room, I couldnt keep my eyes off of Paige. Her every move was just... beautiful. We noticed the paparazzi at the hotel doors, and I grabbed Paige's hand as she started to get worried. From what Morgan told us, she is very claustrafobic. I smiled at her as she squeezed my hand. She started hyperventalating as we tried to move through the sea of people. I sat with her in the backseat as Morgan sat in the front.

I noticed her crying and I pulled her into my chest. She was still crying, but not as much. When we pulled up into the venue, I grabbed her hand again, to help her through the crowds. Once we got inside, I pulled her backstage, because I knew she wouldnt be able to handle the crowd of screaming teenage girls. "Thank you Louis." She gripped me tightly as she hugged me. "No problem. I dont want to see a beautiful girl, like yourself, get trampled by pushy ignorant teens." She pulled away from me and smiled. I loved her smile. I wiped the tears off of her cheeks with my thumb. "If you want, you can come to dinner with me after the show, so we can maybe, get to know each other?" I laughed nervously. "I'd love too." She smiled at me again, and her eyes had changed color. They turned from a dark green to a bright hazel color. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked off to join the other boys on stage. "Bye Paige." I hugged her again. "Bye Louis." She giggled and stood back stage.


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