making love happen

When ariana comes back from 3 years in America she looks completely different she used to be geeky but now she has changed! Her new boyfriend is not very nice but will she realise before it's too late?


4. sex?

Ariana went to school the next day and ignored Fabien. Insted she walked over to her new boyfriend. He kissed her gently on the lips then getting more intense as there lips moved in syncronisation she felt his tounge searching for an entrence without a second thought she let it in and tangled her hands in her hair and he banged her against the wall! She took no notice though he then put his hand to her breasts and started to touch her up! In public! She pushed him off and he groaned. " Come to mine after school and we'll take it from there" she said un willingly not wanting to be dumped!
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