making love happen

When ariana comes back from 3 years in America she looks completely different she used to be geeky but now she has changed! Her new boyfriend is not very nice but will she realise before it's too late?


3. new

Ariana instead of going home went to the hairdressers! There she got her hair bleached blonde and extensions. Then she went to a beuticions for her nails done and also got a spray tan! Later on she went shopping and brought an enteire new wardrobe and a brand new samsung galaxy s 3! When she got home she counted the money only £150 left :-o. Ariana then made a facebook and twitter she added Dylan Borden who accepted and commented on her profile picture ` Sexy take one in a bikini then post it` It read Ariana squeeled than did this. He then commented `where do you live` Ariana then posted where she lived. 5 minutes later she heard the doorbell and legged it down the stairs. " Hey, I broke up with Ellie so will you go out with me?"
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