making love happen

When ariana comes back from 3 years in America she looks completely different she used to be geeky but now she has changed! Her new boyfriend is not very nice but will she realise before it's too late?


2. dreaded school

"Fabien" shouted Ariana as she spotted her best friend across the field. "Hey sexy" he replied casually. "So any chance I can call you mine this year?" he carried on. "Fabien you have wanted to go out with me since yr 3 we are in yr 11 now and I still just want to be friends!" ariana replied for the a millionth time. "i know just wishing."he said but Ariana had already gone over to Dylan Boden the hottest boy in school. Ariana was just about to say hi when Ellie trencher arrived. "Get out the way geek" she exclaimed pushing Ariana out of the way but Ariana did not need being bullyed right now so she decided for a change.
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