eternal flame


1. Eternak Flame


Absence of good creates an evil,

Faith vanishes in fear and peril.

Too wavering is a lone human mind,

Frightened by worries of all kind.


But sun shines brightly every day,

With a message for us to stay away.

From darkness and sinister lies,

To keep life as clean as blue skies.


A human heart so subtle yet strong,

Sometimes thinks of right and wrong.

Goes down depressed in every thought,

In do's and don’ts it remains caught.


But the clouds that form free in the sky,

Wavward, yet they keep flying high.

To tell us that life means to move on,

Soon after dusk what comes is a dawn.


We think we have no options in hand,

The more we struggle it's like quick sand.

We fall in deep and there’s no way out,

It is certainly the end without a doubt.


But if you witness the fire that burns,

It will give you the desire that churns.

The last bit of courage residing in you,

This eternal flame will take you through.


I know good moments are scarce and slow,

The scope of improvement is very low.

Soon you'll see the situation change,

Happiness will be well within our range.


Give up your worries and learn to deem,

Life sails through how hard it may seem.

What if the situation is hopelessly same?

I'll burn for you, be your eternal flame.

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