Bound to Stay

Abby finds herself lonely this summer. Her two best friends are away in Hawaii, her parents are on a business trip the whole summer, and her little brother is at a sleepaway camp. She has no one she can communicate with, no one to hang out with her, she feels like she has no one to turn to and is a complete loser. But will 5 boys change that for her?


3. Meeting Them

I put on my hoodie and converse and head out to the Coffee Grinder Cafe.  I put a pair of sunglasses on to hide my red eyes so no one would no i was crying.  I walk down the street with my hands in my pockets and my head down.  A few rain drops  fall from the sky and into my hair.  I push the door open and a little bell rings.  I stroll down to the cashier and order a donut and some hot chocolate.  "That will be $5.25."  The cashier said.  I hand the lady the money then i go and sit in a chair waiting for my number order to be called.  A couple of boys come up to me, 5 to be exact.  "Hello, is anyone using this seat?"  The blonde haired boy said.  I stare for a couple seconds getting lost in their eyes.  "Hello?"  The curly haired boy asked.  "Oh.. sorry"  I giggle.  "Oh um no, no one is using that seat."  I told them.  "Are you here alone?"  The one with the microphone tattoo asked me.  "Oh ya im here alone.  I finally decided to get out of the house this summer."  I told them.  "Why haven't you been out of the house?  I know it's been terrible weather but it is always nice to hang out with friends isn't it?"  They told me.  "Well I just lost my two best friends and I my whole family is out of the house so I'm alone with my cat.  If you ask me it's not the greatest time to spend the summer."  I respond.  "Well would you like to sit with us?"  Okay so now I just realized I'm talking to One Direction.  I was too tired and sad to realize it before but now my eyes light up behind my sunglasses.  Now I'm glad I wore them so they can't see my eyes bulging.  Liam took my hand and brought my to their table.  I grab the chair I was sitting in but it didn't exactly fit with how much space there is at the table.  "So what's you name love?"  Louis asked me.  "My name is Abby." I tell them.  "What a gorgeous name."  Harry tells me.  If that's coming from him it must be a gorgeous name.  Nothing is more special than being told a compliment by one of the boys.  "So what have you boys been up to this summer?" I ask.  "Well we've been working on the second album and hanging with each other.  We make the best of it since the weather hasn't been very lovely." Niall said.  "That sounds good, I can't wait to hear the album.  I really enjoyed listening to the first one.  You guys are amazing even though you hear that a million times a day on twitter and stuff."  I replied.  "Well it's still nice to hear from our girls. And we're really excited for our next album and tour.  Have you gone to one of our concerts or are you going next year?"  I was asked by Niall.  "Oh no I haven't and I won't be able to go to any of your concerts or meet and greets."  I put my head down feeling bad even though I haven't done anything wrong.  I bring it back up.  "Oh well that's terrible!  But you are having a conversation with us now,  none of our fans get to sit with us in a coffee shop and just talk.  So you're very lucky.  Would you like us to give you tickets to one of our concerts?"  Louis asks me.  "Oh guys I love you to pieces, but I could never take advantage of you like that."  I reply.  "No, we insist.  You've been a great fan to talk to.  You're calm and you didn't cry.  Don't get us wrong we love our fans but it's hard to have a conversation with them when they do that.  But if you don't want to do that would you rather..."



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