Bound to Stay

Abby finds herself lonely this summer. Her two best friends are away in Hawaii, her parents are on a business trip the whole summer, and her little brother is at a sleepaway camp. She has no one she can communicate with, no one to hang out with her, she feels like she has no one to turn to and is a complete loser. But will 5 boys change that for her?


2. Forever Alone

I put on my cozy slippers and drag my feet across the floor into the living room.  "Mom can you make me a--" I scream, realizing she's not here.  My head droops to my chest.  "I miss everyone... maybe I could call Maisie and Lacy to see how much longer they'll be in Hawaii."  I pick up my cell phone and diall the number.  "Hey Abby! How have you been?"  Lacy and Maisie ask.  "Oh um... I'm doing okay.  How about you guys?"  I respond.  "Were having an amazing time in Hawaii!  It's too bad you couldn't come."  They say.  I grunt my teeth.  "Yeah, too bad.  So do you know when your coming back?"  I asked them.  "Oh probably in a couple weeks."  Maisie replies.  "A COUPLE WEEKS!?  You've been there for 3 weeks now!  I'm stuck in the house doing nothing and the weather is terrible and all you care about is yourselves!  I thought we were friends."  I shout.  "We are!  Can't we just have time for ourselves!?  Your the one only caring about yourself, not us!  We just wanna have fun, now were glad we didn't take you knowing your a selfish brat!"  They shout back.  "Well you know what, I don't want to your friends anymore. I knew you never wanted me to go in the first place.  Your the worst friends ever and I never want to speak to you again.  Good bye."  I hung up in disgust.  "Gosh those girls erk me!  Now I really have no one in my life."  I fall to the floor with my back up against the wall.  The tears roll down my face more and more, faster and faster.  I try to cry silently but I just couldn't keep it bottled inside.  I'm crying so loud that Cookie Dough ran under the table.  I delete Maisie and Lacy from my contacts list.  I delete all our messages.  Now I'm trying to delete them from my life. 


I never thought they would be the type to run away from me.  We've had our bad times but we always made up in the end.  We would hug it out, go out for dinner, and just have a great time.  Now I realized they went to Hawaii to get away from me.  I was always loyal to them and never stabbed them in the back.  I loved those girls like sisters... and I'm just a pair of shoes, once you get tired of them you throw them away.  I drop my body on the couch.  I lie there and turn the on the telly.  While i'm scrolling through the channels I discover the show Friends.  "Hm.. maybe if I watch this show I'll feel better about friends.  Which I should start to make new friends next year.  But for now I have my cat and One Direction who have no idea who I am and I can only pretend were real friends... sounds like a good time huh?"  I questioned myself.  But now that I think about it, it doesn't matter how many friends I have, all that matters are the real friends I have.  I sat up because the position i was laying in was uncomfortable.  Cookie Dough makes her way to the top of the couch.  I turn around to pet her but she hisses at me.  "Well excuse me, don't mean to bother you little miss drama queen."  I exclaimed.  She put her hand down and looked away from me.  Looks like all I have left is Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn.

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