Bound to Stay

Abby finds herself lonely this summer. Her two best friends are away in Hawaii, her parents are on a business trip the whole summer, and her little brother is at a sleepaway camp. She has no one she can communicate with, no one to hang out with her, she feels like she has no one to turn to and is a complete loser. But will 5 boys change that for her?


1. Loneliness

"England is rainy and grey.  The only thing keeping us going is imagining being on a beach somewhere beautiful and sunny." Radio Rick said.  The weather has been like this for weeks, not once has the sun came out.  Ever since everyone left the house and my friends went on vacation without me, everything in my life seems gloomy and sad.  "That's why were giving caller 29 a vacation to a beautiful, sunny beach in Australia! So call 401-244-1234(this is actually a real radio station phone number I believe).  I try my luck and call the radio station, doubting I'm going to win.  The phone rings and a get a 'wah wah wahhh' sound. "Sorry your caller number 28".  I hang up and throw the phone on the bed.  "I can never win anything!  I'm not going to be going anywhere, I have no other friends to be with, no one will invite me to a party.... why am I such a loser?" I say to myself.  I cuddle up in the covers feeling all alone.  A tear runs down my cheek and falls to my lips.  The feeling of it is painful and I try to hold back any more that want to trickle down.  A claw scratches at my door. Little by little the door opens.  A tiny, pink nose is try to open the door with all its might.  It finds it's way in my room and jumps on my bed.


Her whiskers rub against my face as it feels like a feather.  I giggle and bring her next to me under the covers.  "Hi Cookie Dough." I whisper in her ear.  She meows back and starts closing her eyes ever so slowly.  "Cookie Dough, do you ever feel like you have no friends? Like you have no one to turn to?" I ask.  "Why am I asking a cat all this stuff? Boy, am I really that pathetic?" I start bringing myself down to a point where I don't want anyone.  I get out of bed to atleast get dressed.  I put on a white tanktop then a blue tanktop.  It seems like a nice layering.  Then I put on a pair of sweatpants that are multicolored plaid.  It's just your average lazy day wear.  "Alright coming up, One Direction with One Thing." Radio Rick said.  I always feel good listening to One Direction, they always know how to make me feel good by their songs.  I feel beautiful but, that only lasts for the length of the song.  But I listen to them all day and watch all their interviews and video diaries.  The video diaries may be 2 years old, but they're always good to watch.


I stare at the posters in my room.  "Why can't we know each other?  Why can't you know I exist instead of being just a fan who you say you all know we exist?  I just want one chance, that's all I'm asking for.  One time to meet you 5 beautiful boys.  That's just all I ever want in life.  You all are so inspirational and the only reason I got into singing.  I may not be great but I'm trying to teach myself.  I just want to show you how much I love you." I tell my posters.  I know I'll never meet them, not even wandering the streets, but I always love to dream.  I dream were 6 best friends in One Direction, we fool around with nerf guns and pull pranks on one another.  I would just love to be one of them.  But that fantasy only exists in my mind. 

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