Stay strong...

My enterie for the fantasie competition!!! xoox :D

Amelia is strong, beautiful, wise and modest. She is also soft, forgiving and weak. But the night her family dies, everything changes. She will kill the dragons, if its the last thing she does.


2. The prophecy

As all family's did, we woke promptly on Sunday, dressing in our best clothes quickly and throwing our selves out the doors. Somehow my family was always last for church though... Whom my mother swiftly blamed on having two daughters. Liar... she spent most of the time fussing over appearances, whilst we waited for her. Papa didn't speak up. He was a good man but quiet. Wise but not a leader. He liked to keep to himself. But his comments were always insightful... unless directed towards mother, then they were tiresome or sarcastic, or wary if she was in a mood. 

As we were running down our village, I noticed more than ten crows on the way; a bad omen, I did not believe in omens though and I just shrugged it off... But a feeling of paranoia swept through me, as we finally fell into church. Mary's hair was still messy like the fluff of a dandelion, her wild flower blue eyes half shut. Always dressed in blue. Me, I was muddy and windswept, dressed in violet. My mother's greying hair was escaping her tight bun, her navy dress powdered in flour. Out of all of us, my father was the most composed. He sat in silence, bowing his head in respect, whilst my mother inaudibly hissed at me and Mary. "Now we can start..." Father Bernard smiled wryly "I am going to tell an old favourite... the story of the dragons," I sat on the edge of my seat, suddenly interested, and I glanced back, too see matty do the same thing...

"Once upon a time, dragons were silvery, creature spun from darkness. Our only protection was the warriors... four sections, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, they worked alongside each other to protect us, each warier gifted beyond imagination, all shape shifters..." His grand voice shook the church and I was enthralled by the story, " After many successful eons of protecting us, one of the leaders of the fire clan, Eseth, died. Every one mourned him, he was just, fair and righteous. He left only one son," He paused for effect, and the next word he spoke, I mouthed with him in disgust, " Blazerath" The  church shook there heads in union, no one dared to speak though, "He was not just, he was corrupt, he was not fair, he was blood thirsty, he was not righteous, he was evil and warped... He thought that the army could defeat the dragons by shape shifting into them. But really, he wanted to join them, to have more power. The other leaders saw through his lies, so began, the WAR OF THE WARRIORS. The fire clan cheated, and shape shifted into the most powerful dragons ever known. Blazerath and created a super race of dragons. They won the war, and still rule over us now, we can only hope for God to save us," I silently snorted at the last part. God had not helped us so far... we needed to take action. Now.

A voice interrupted my train of thoughts, it was coming from the back of the church, Who was that? Silence was compulsory in church. At all times! Oh my! I suddenly recognised the dead tone off voice, the solid rigid figure, the haunted blank eyes. Some one was having a vision...

 "Heart as black as opponents intentions,

killer will posses no chance of redemption,

because only once the killer is killed,

may the kingdom redeem its glory..."

Matty was speaking in a voice that was not his, I feared for him, but I did not dare move, no one did. Every one just stared in horror. Why Matty? Every one would fear him from now on, think he was cursed. He. was. not. cursed!!! The priest and several helpers were rushing towards him, dragging him out side with brutal force, whilst simultaneously praying in hushed tones. I was aghast. My hands clutching my seat, my knuckles turning white. My mouth hung open, shaking my head. This could not be happening. All the while Matty was carrying on relentlessly, staring into my hazel eyes...

"So only will we be rid of curse,

if the killer is selfless and righteous,

for they must draw back the blade,

that killed the dragon,

and therefore-"

I never heard that last part, the doors slammed shut and I knew they were pushing Matty into the lake... trying to cleanse him. A low volume of whispering rose in the church, "Do you think-" "I never trusted that boy-" "I can't believe-" "Oh dear-" I tuned out the snippets of conversations. I was angry. Of course Matty wasn't cursed! I would probably not see him until tomorrow, until the cleansing ceremony was over, I would talk to him after wards. I would always be there for him. Always. The church doors were flung open again, and a flustered priest silenced us.

"Please leave in an ORDERLY MANNER. We apologize for the disruption!" The priest looked slightly less composed than normal and I remembered the last time this happened. I was seven and a local girl, a newly wed, had gone mental. She had been cleansed and then remembered nothing. Her and her husband moved soon after. Apparently it was a coincidence, I didn't believe that; no one in their right minds would leave the safety of this village. I didn't want Matty to leave. It was too dangerous.

I walked slowly from church, toying with my thoughts. My parents had stayed with Matty's parents, comforting them. Mary, whom had skipped ahead, slowed to my pace and laced her fingers through mine, "Is matty going to be okay?" Her voice was wise beyond her years and her eyes were watering. I knelt on the dirt next to her, I wasn't going to lye, "I don't know, we can see him tomorrow... but he might have to leave," She nodded wisely, which broke my heart; she shouldn't have too deal with this!

"Can't we beg for him too stay?" She said steadily, even though her bottom lip was wobbling. She was so much stronger than me, although I wanted to protect her from every thing, I loved her so much. "We can try, but what ever happens, we will be together. I stood up and told her too run ahead, so she wouldn't see the tear that slid down my face. I sudenly remembered the crows... I knew the dragons would come tonight. And tonight, I would be strong.

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