Stay strong...

My enterie for the fantasie competition!!! xoox :D

Amelia is strong, beautiful, wise and modest. She is also soft, forgiving and weak. But the night her family dies, everything changes. She will kill the dragons, if its the last thing she does.


3. The dragons

I cowered with mama, papa and Mary under my tiny window, Out side fire licked and destroyed our neighbours houses. Screams echoed in my ears. But inside our house every thing was silent, no one spoke, maybe we pointlessly hoped they would miss us, maybe we were just shell shocked maybe we did not know what to say... The dragons had heard of the prophecy, they were coming to destroy. To wipe out our village. To stop hope. Seeking out the saviour whom the prophecy had foretold. I hoped that they survived. I would die with my family. But they must survive. Our saviour.

Chaos filled the night air, flickers of cinders singed my window. The pained screams grew closer, and I held Mary's head to my chest, covering her ears. Her eyes were also shut, and I hoped she died a happy death. she was not crying, but my mother was in hysterics. My mother looked so much like my sister, but their personality were miles away. Me and my father were identical on all accounts. He was holding my erratic mother, whom was throwing her arms all over the place,  hugging me and Mary, emotionally. My mother was saying "My girls," Over and over.I loved her so much then, I felt so protective over her and my sister.

All of a sudden every thing was silent outside... Or was that just our perspective? Every thing slowed. I reached out to hold my dad's hand who was looking over my mums head at me, silently crying. "I love you, I love you," My mother was now screaming. "I love you" Mary whispered to me, her eyes looking into mine. She held my mothers hand and I held my fathers, all holding each other in unity and love. My mother quieted in gurgling hiccups. My sister nestled against me. My father held mother closer. This was the end. I would die happy, with my family. I silently hoped the prophecy was true. May be there was still hope for my home. But it didn't matter any more.

The wood around us shattered, splinters flying in slow motion all around us. Some thing was souring across the room, smashing and destroying every thing in its path. Fire engulfed us. I wrapped myself around Mary even tighter, trying to shield her. My mother was silent, to terrified to scream. My father looked at me his face sullen. "I love you" He mouthed. And that was the last I saw of my parents. Then my mother disappeared in the flames with my father. Mary held me tightly, "I love you Mary, be strong," I whispered. The heat was rising, my whole room swathed in hungry flames, inching closer. The crackling was louder and louder, the roof on the other side of the room collapsed, and the hay that fell, was feeding the fire.

"I don't need to be," She looked up at me with smart, wise, gorgeous blue eyes, "You are the special one, you are more smart, beautiful and strong than I'll ever be, it is your destiny to save our home, You are the strong one" I wanted to tell her she was the strong one, she was the smart one, she was the talented one. But all to soon my world was a ball of pain and misery. My sister was limp in my arms. Fire seared my skin, some thing was pinning me down. All my senses were dying. I  was blind, death, immobile. I could not feel a thing. Good bye world... 

But then I remembered... Mary had told me to be strong.

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