Stay strong...

My enterie for the fantasie competition!!! xoox :D

Amelia is strong, beautiful, wise and modest. She is also soft, forgiving and weak. But the night her family dies, everything changes. She will kill the dragons, if its the last thing she does.


5. 6 years later...

I finnished my training with a prompt blow of my iron fist toward a grey boulder. It crumbled, rubble bouncing of the edge of the cliff. This was not the same cliff as I had found at the age of twelve. I had travelled since in search of a fight with Blazerath. I had stayed there for two years, becoming attached too it, stupid girl.

At the age of fourteen, I killed my first dragon. I did not know its name, all I knew was that, it was one of Blazeraths army. I had gone out early, to collect water from the stream that trickled nonchalantly below the mountains, where I also fetched wheat that grew by in a neighbouring field. It was a bitter day, ice coated every thing, which gave me an advantage over the fiery beast. It had been twice my size. It was waiting for me as I came back. I had dropped the water I had collected from the two mile journey and snapped of a pointed icicle that hung from the ceiling above me, in a spark of genius. In any other case I would have died. But the one thing that saved me, was my everlasting anger and pain. I fought for all of ten seconds with him. he underestimated me for two seconds, and I killed him.

I had ran away from there. Leaving the evidence. That's what I did now. I leaved in an obvious place, before a dragon found me, killed the dragon and ran. I had a reward of 1000 over my head, more money than I knew existed. The whole of Blazeraths army were tracking me. I never waited for Blazerath to find me, though. I needed to be stronger. So after 6 years of fighting. I am finally ready. They expect a knight. Rich, male and righteous. They have no idea they are really facing a scorned woman. I was an eighteen year old girl. Young but not weak, and as my Matty once said, when he called me weak and I hit his arm feebly: "Woman hath endless fury" only this time, without the sarcasm.

I do not attach myself to anyone. I was known as the "Saviour" Many people had told me legends about myself. Some true, although many were complete fiction. It angered me that people assumed I was a man. Especially when women made up storys of how I had kissed them after heroicly saving them. They were either diluded or liars... but I never gave up my identity. My cause was too important. Because Blazerath had no descendants... if he dies, then no one is there to take over. Meaning the whole army would die out. And my kingdom would be safe. That was even more important than the revenge I lusted after. 

Something changed within me today. I was sitting in a local tavern. In a gorgeous, but annoying, golden (stolen) dress and a brown hooded cloak. Since I was younger I had grown in many ways. Not only was I stronger, I was also more beautiful. My hip-length hazel hair shone with golden highlights. My green eyes were like emeralds. My skin was soft and creamy, my body slim but womanly. It did not matter to me but it made smile, to think of how innocent I looked. Not because no one would suspect me. But because it reminded me of how I used to be. Only, I knew, that part of me still existed.

But today, was the day, I found out that Blazerath had sent his second-in-command, to kill me. Surely he would come and survey the outcome after wards. And this time I would be waiting.

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