Never Seperated

When Callum is forced to admit the truth as to why he truly despises his maths teacher, all hell breaks loose. However, when Callum is taken away his birthmark on his right rib is revealed to be far more then a birthmark.

Then the war will begin...



2. Secrets will always find a way out.


Once the members of the class had gone, it revealed such an empty place. A huge class room with 4 rows of chairs in a line and maths posters scattered all over the grey walls. A carpet lay on the floor, with black marks where chewing gum had sank into the fabric of the carpet.

   “Callum, do you not like me?” Miss Taylor asked, genuinely seeming confused about my cheekiness towards her.

   “Are you kidding me? I can’t stand you, and you can wipe that confused look off your face as well. You know why I hate you, so why do you constantly provoke me is the more interesting question?” I asked.

   “Callum, Callum, Callum, I really don’t know why you dislike me. Please tell me.” Her expression had changed to sadness; nevertheless I still wasn’t buying into it. I knew she understood why I despised her so much.

   “Hmmmm… Let’s see, does this remind you of anything?” I lifted up the right side of my polo shirt to reveal a long red scar down my ribs. “You watched this happen to me. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you paid them to do it!” I shouted at her, as my polo shirt trailed back down my ribs.

  “Callum I would never do that! You know it wasn’t my fault!”

   “Shut up Miss. You watched me get beat up by a load of men, all because I wouldn’t give them my mobile phone. They dragged me and kicked the shit out of me, and I managed to peak open my eye lid to see you. I screamed your name as loud as you could and you stood there and watched them beat me up, one of them took a knife out of his pocket and I burst into tears and you stood there… Stood there and watched me suffer. You could have ran and phoned the police, you could of got someone, anyone really – but no. No you watched and came once I’d already been slashed with a knife and left to die, you saved my life I suppose, but I would have never been in that position if you had of just helped.”

  “I tried too Callum, I honestly did. I just couldn’t-“

   “Why though?! Please explain to me.”

   “I couldn’t have, because I would have killed them. I would have destroyed them and I would have gone to jail.”

   “You and what army miss? You’re a spineless bitch.” I picked up my bag and hoisted it over one of my shoulders, and I gave her a disappointed look. I turned around and began to head out towards the door. I knew what I’d said would have upset her although it was necessary. There is no way she deserves to get away with what she done to me.

   James comes into my sight; he’s been waiting outside for me. I see a curious look on his face, therefore I knew what was about to come.

   “Swoi oi, oi swoi! What the hell was that about mate?”

   “Ah, nothing really.” I spoke calm and softly to try and down his excitement. “She just wanted my lower regions again.”

   His look quickly transformed into a depressing one. “You never tell me anything anymore, I don’t even know how you got that big ass scar on your side. Why don’t you trust me man?” James asked.

   “The same reason I don’t trust anyone in this school; gossip spreads like a forest fire.”

   James and I began walking through the school, buzzing with anticipation due to the sheer fact that it was the end of school. Not just that though, also the fact that it’s a Friday. And Friday is our chance to have a lad’s night out.

   “Ow you mug!” A deep voice bellowed.

   “What the hell have you done now Callum?” James asked however this time I actually didn’t know.

   A teenager began strutting towards me, as a crowd of kids began to form a semi circles around both me and the kid, just waiting to trap us in together.

   “What you talking about?” I asked him, trying to stand up for myself yet not trying to provoke a fight.

   “Heard you been looking at my girlfriend you prick, want me to get a knife out and slash you up? Eh mate?! Do ya?!” He screamed at me, an arms distance away from me this time.

   “Oh piss off before I take your head off, I don’t even know who your girlfriend is you idiot.”

   All of a sudden he violently swung his right arm around. His fist crunches against my face and launches me to the floor.

    “Fight! Fight! Fight!” The crowd of kids begin chanting.

    He quickly mounts me and begins reigning down punch after punch on top of me. Each blow makes my vision go blurry, as I begin to wonder if there is any way of getting out of this.

   I quickly catch one of his arms and throw him over, and then I proceed to mount him. This time I hit him over and over again. I aim for his nose in a hope to hurt him real bad, and soon enough I feel his bone crack as blood begins gushing out of his nose. I stand up and kick him in the face for good measures.

   “Friggin idiot.” I say, as the crowd look on in shock.

   “You alright Callum? Your face is looking a bit red.” James asks, showing deep concern in his voice.

   “Yeah I’m alright; the idiot did a sucker punch on me.”  I respond, turning his concern into a laugh. “Now for the rest of you, I’m constantly getting in fights in this school. However, unless you want to end up like that tit over there I’d advise you stay well away from me. If you know what’s good for ya’s of course.” The crowd of kids look on silent as both James and I head towards the toilets.

   “Ouch that’s a stinger.” James says as I look into the mirror and begin poking at the red lump on my face. The mirror reveals my face; admittedly I had a rather large head and quite curly ears to go with it. I had flat ginger hair, which lay perfectly on my head but no freckles at all. My eyes were a dark blue colour and were probably the best feature on my face due to being so attractive.

   I was just above average height compared to my peers. I was about five feet ten and extremely lean. All of my muscles were extremely defined due to me being skinny, yet I still worked out a lot. I did karate outside of school to keep fit and for self-defence, which luckily enough had provided me a fair amount of protection over the years.

   “Yeah James, not going to be looking my best for town tonight but what the hell – Still gonna rock it out with my best mates tonight.”



    “How did you get that scar?”

   Oh I hated getting asked that question, as soon enough memories would be flashing around in my head. Disgusting memories. James was my best friend, but I hadn’t told anyone what had happened. Not my mam, brother, sister or even the police for that matter. It was just something I never usually spoke about.

   “James I’m not sure I wanna…“

   I’m interrupted as James speaks over the top of me. “For god sake man Callum! I’m always there for you and you won’t even trust me with this one secret?! Just tell me, please.”

   Sadly, he was right. James had been there for me every single day since I met him back in year seven. Five years of him having my back, although I never told him anything.

   “Okay. Well I was down town once.”

   “You were down town without me?!” James asked with a surprised voice.

   “Yes but just listen to the rest of the story James. I was down town by myself, looking for a present to buy my mam for her birthday. I had one hundred pound saved up just to spend on her, so obviously I went to quite an expensive jewellery shop. I found this absolutely stunning bracelet that had my birthstone on for all my money; it was honestly the nicest thing I’ve ever seen so I bought it.”


   “They gave me it in a bag that had the shops name on it; I didn’t really think much about it. That was until I was walking home of course.”

   “What happened Callum?”

   “Well I was taking the shortcut way home, you know that alley way next to the golden eagle pub?”

   “Yeah man.”

   “Well I started heading down there and then I noticed some men following behind me. I even thought nothing of that as it just seemed like they were travelling down the same alleyway as me. Until I noticed a few more men coming down the opposite side of the alleyway, it seemed like they were closing me in so that they could be both sides of me. I tried to get past them but they blocked me from getting past. I remember one of them asked: ‘That’s a bag from a pretty expensive shop you’ve got their son, want me to have a hold of it for you?’ I shook my head and tried to get past again. Then he said: ‘Look, just give us the phone and the thing in the bag and nothing else will need to be done, hand it over.’ Now as you know I’m not really very good at holding in my aggression, so I just shouted no in his face. He then said ‘Either you give us your shit, or we’ll take it off you.’ So I hit him twice in the face which knocked him to the floor. Not the best thing to do when a group of men who are three times as bulky as you are trying to mug you. Then one of them punched me in the back of the head, sending me face first to the floor. He picked me up and pinned me up against one of the sides of the alley way and punched me as hard as he could in the ribs, forcing me to drop the bag. Another one dove in and grabbed the bag whilst the rest made a circle around me and kept swinging punches at me. I deliberately fell to the floor in a hope of them stopping, but they didn’t. They continued to kick the shit out of me, this time stomping and kicking at me. I tried to get back up but I just received a boot too the face for that, forcing me back down to the floor. Then I saw someone.”

   “Who did ya see Callum?”

   “I saw Miss Taylor, so I screamed as loud as I could for her. I remember, she stared me straight into the eyes and then put her head down. So, obviously me screaming for help annoyed the man and then one of them whipped a knife out. I started to cry and then the rest is history. She watched them slash my ribs with a knife. So now you know, happy?”

   “No I’m not, I’m so sorry man. If I had‘ve been there I would‘ve helped you.”

  “I’m not being funny like, but what could you have done?” To be honest I was starting to get pretty annoyed with James, I knew he was only trying to help, yet I just wish he hadn’t have asked in the first place. “Come on James, lets gan home.”

   So we walked home and I arrived at my house. I had a lovely little front garden with a mini fountain at the top of it, the car parked firmly in the drive and a car also parked out in front of the garden. At the front of my garden beautiful flowers stood tall and I couldn’t help but actually sniff them once every so often.

   I got up to my door, opened it and slung my bag to the floor. “Mam, I’m home!” I shouted up, awaiting a reply from my mother. I then proceeded by kicking my shoes off.


   You were in the passage when you first stepped foot in the house, to the left there’s a set of stairs which turned to the right about ten steps up and to the right is what we liked to call the sitting room. The passage was always a complete tip. Due to having so many brothers and sisters, there bags and shoes were always scattered along the floor. At least they had company of mine now.

  I wandered into the sitting room and in the corner stood our magnificent 42” plasma television. Wooden decking was planted into the floor and we had two black recliner sofas with black and white cushions. At the back of the sitting room we had our table were we’d eat our food, so on and so forth.


   I fell back into the chair and was immediately comforted by it, my bottom sinking deep into it.

   “Callum! Can I have a word?!” My mother shouted down at me.

   Typical of my Mam; it always seemed that she perfectly timed everything so that it would be awkward for me, I had just sat down and needed to get back up already! So I forced myself up from my palms, and then jogged up the stairs.

   “What’s up Kazza?” For some reason, I often called my mam by her first name as I simply adored winding her up. I knew it annoyed her so much, so I continued doing it over and over again. Then I realised I could change Karen into Kazza, and then the name Kazza was born. I opened up her door and entered inside.

   “Callum close the door, I need to tell you something.” She spoke in such a serious tone, therefore either I was in trouble, or someone had died.

   The door slowly drifted until coming to a sudden hault, it was now closed.

   My mam was extremely young looking for her age; she looked around thirty when in reality she was far from it. She wore average clothes you would expect a normal mother to wear and a different gold ring on each finger. She had a smile that could soothe any injury and glistening blue eyes. She also had long blonde hair, and part of the back of it was combed into the air. Her hair was showered with hairspray to maintain its perfect shape.

   Bits of paper, scribbled on in black ink, lay scattered all over the floor.  In the corner a mountainous basket of ironing stands tall, forcing the bits of paper to seem like only a minor mess. I try to shake of the temptation of listening to police show on the television, yet it takes a cough from my mam to bring my attention fully back. Goosebumps arise on my skin due to the chill from the open window, as a horrid damp smell from the back garden cloaks the air. A bed lay peacefully, up against a wall in the centre of the room. No mess dared touch it, as all creases were banished from that area.

   It actually surprised me that my mam hadn’t tidied this up yet, as usually she constantly has her room spotless.  “What’s wrong mam?” 

   A horrible look enclosed her face, and a frown followed shortly after. Tears slid down her cheek as she slammed her head into both of her palms. “I’m sorry Callum, I’m so sorry.”

   “What’s wrong mam?!” I’m actually so confused as to what could be wrong with her, however seeing the women that had raised me from birth cry, was such a dreadful moment for me. My mam had always been a strong women, so she never allowed herself to cry in front of any of her kids.  Something must have been terribly wrong. I placed my hand on her shoulder to comfort her, as I felt the warmth from her body transfer into mine.

   “Callum... I never told you the truth about you’re upbringing. I never gave birth to you, you were left on my doorstep and I raised you as my own. I love you as much as if you had have actually been my own, don’t forget that. “

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