Never Seperated

When Callum is forced to admit the truth as to why he truly despises his maths teacher, all hell breaks loose. However, when Callum is taken away his birthmark on his right rib is revealed to be far more then a birthmark.

Then the war will begin...



1. Maths Problems


   “So Callum, can you tell me what simultaneous equations are?”

    I look around the class, not having a clue what is going on. My friends laugh at me as a puzzled look encloses my face. I put my hand onto the table to try and work it out with my hands; however instead they land in a pool of my own drool.

  “Ermmm… I don’t have a clue.” I responded, lowering my head and awaiting the shouting that was about to come.

   “Callum Brown! How dare you?!” She screams at me.

   “You’re in some shit now Callum.” My friend whispers in my ear.

   “Is there something you’d like to say in front of the class Mr. Wright…? Well… is there?” The teacher asked, still with her raised tone.

    Like a bomb of intimidation fear exploded in ‘Mr. Wright’s’ face; his cheeky smile transforms into a sad frown, and his face turns bright red to match the colour of his luminous red hair. His freckles were also consumed by the unstoppable embarrassment. He sat there looking like a tomato, a fat tomato at that.

   “No miss.” A soft voice peaked out of the big child.

   “I’m sorry Mr. Wright; I can’t seem to understand what you’re saying. Could you please stand up and apologise in front of the whole class?” The teacher pugnaciously demanded. The young boy slowly rose to his feet, as he was showered with tons of laughter from his peers, including me of course. “Oh so you think this is funny as well Mr Brown, could you please stand up and apologise in front of the whole class also?”

   “I’m sorry Miss Taylor.” James Wright murmured, as he slowly fell back down too his chair.

   “You’re next Mr Brown.”

   “Oh piss off.” I responded, not being able to take her annoying voice any more.

   My peers gasped as silence consumed the classroom. I looked around and everyone in the class looked shocked, from the tough kids, even to the almost vacant emo’s. I’m sure even the birds outside on the windowsill were shocked, as there tweeting also came to a sudden halt.

   “What did you just say to me Callum?” Miss Taylor asked, expecting an apology almost immediately.

  “I told you to piss off, oh wait! I’ve forgotten my manners; please would you piss off Miss Taylor?” I began to admit a cheeky grin, and I could see her heading towards me.

  Miss Taylor was an extremely skinny woman, almost anorexic looking. She had short greasy blonde hair, which never ever came out of its pony tail. She had a skinny face to match the rest of her body, as it seemed like all the chubbiness from her cheeks had been extracted and all that was left was simply skin and bone. She didn’t dress that bad to be honest, she tried to keep up with the latest fashion to try and keep in with the kids; today she was wearing a nice long red designer dress with a pink flowery pattern on and finished it off perfectly with some long dark heels. But you know the saying, no matter how much you dress up shit… It’s still shit.

   She charged further towards me, her pearly white teeth clenched as much as they could do and her eyes closed slightly to give a viscous look. There was one thing nobody understood about her; she constantly had bloodshot eyes towards the end of a lesson with her. Yet if there was a break she’s disappear and her eyes would turn normal again. Now never mind her aggressive stance, or her loud, high-pitched voice; it was her eyes that struck fear into my body.

   She got up to me so that I could feel her breath in my face. It smelt absolutely awful. It was almost as if she’d been eating away at a rotten corpse. Her breath was also strangely cold, instead of a usual warm feeling.

“Do you think you’re funny Callum, you do realise using foul language like that will earn you a one way ticket to unemployment? Who’s going to want to hire someone that has been expelled a few days before school’s finished?” She bellowed at me, staring deep into my eyes.

   “Miss, I’m not being funny or anything but you’re breath smells awful… Could you please stand back?”

   “Do you not know when to shut up?! You’re standing here, thinking you’re funny, showing off for the whole class, when really you’re just acting like a moronic child!”

   “Miss, once again I’m not being funny but I’ve seen the way you look at me, you find me stunning. So if you’re calling me a child, that’s going to get you into some serious trouble.” My cheeky smile grew even further. I could hear people starting to laugh, and that encouraged me to take it even further! “So miss, I think I’m going to tell the head teacher on you. After all-“

   “Shut up now! Stay back after class and we’ll talk about this later!” She screamed at me, the veins in her neck pulsing and her face going blue due to screaming so much.

   I sat down, realising I was getting myself into some serious trouble.

   “She hates you, you know.” James whispered to me.

   “Oh I know that, believe me the feelings mutual.” I replied to him. “James…?”

   “Yeah?” He asked with an anticipated look on his face.

  “What the hell are simultaneous equations?”

 “I have no idea.”

  The bell screeched, signalling it was time for us to leave. The whole class stood up, not before grabbing there bags and taking the jackets from the back of their chairs. We all began to head out of the room until-

   “Callum, stay here.”

   I sighed, turned around, and headed back to my seat.

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