Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


22. What I Want and What I Need

"Jorgie!" Niall exclaimed, "Don't worry about me and Harry getting along. He is set on me apologising and I won't." 
I put my head on the top bunk, groaning in annoyance. Niall was laying on the opposite bunk as I stood in the walk way. He was attempting to cover his bruise but was failing. Harry had gone with Louis and Liam to check into the hotel.
"Niall!! Why can you not just get over it?" I growled. 
"Why do I need to?" 
"Because you are making this hard for me!" 
"She's right," Zayn joined as he squeezed past me. 
"Shut up Zayn!" Niall shot him a look, "You don't even know what we are talking about." 
"Niall?!" I glared at him and Zayn walked off the bus. 
"I'm sorry," he smiled. 
I snatched the foundation out of his hand and dabbed it onto his cheek. He was staring at me. I averted my eyes, looking  at the bruise. He leaned in towards me. 
"No." I stepped back, heading towards the door. "I'm sorry but I can't." 
He looked hurt as I stepped off the bus. 

"Hey Lou," I smiled as he joined me in the elevator. 
"Here is your's and Harry's key. You have the room next to mine so please don't make it too loud," he laughed, handing me a card. 
I looked at my feet, "Thanks." 
"You okay?" He sounded concerned. 
"People have got to stop asking me that. I'm fine." 
"But you are thinking about Harry."
"Yeah. He just seems oblivious sometimes. I want to talk to him and he just wants to have sex. I also just want him and Niall to get over it and be friends again. I feel like I'm the reason for a tear in the group." 
"He is oblivious, but non of this is your fault. Niall has been depressed all afternoon so he'll crack soon. And Harry is a man. You need to tell him what you want, okay?" Louis wrapped an arm around my shoulder. 

That night, I made Harry take me to dinner. He wanted me to have some fun so he took me to a local carnival instead. It would have looked pretty picturesque but it was on the ferris wheel that I finally got the chance to speak to him. He was mumbling about a fear of heights and had his eyes squeezed shut. I grabbed his hand. 
"Harry, you didn't have to come on this with me," I laughed. 
"I'm okay," he mumbled. 
"Well, can we talk?"
"Sure. I'm listening, I just can't open my eyes." 
"I overreacted a little. I didn't mean to leave, it's just that, I want you to be able to talk to me and tell me things. I don't want you to hide things from me. I also want our relationship to be a little less.. physical. I want to go out and sit and talk like this more." 
He nodded.
"I also want you to try to be friends with Niall. I feel like I'm the cause of this and I don't want you to argue with him cause he is a great guy. That also means your temper has to be more controlled." 
I rubbed his shoulder as he nodded again.
"Are you gonna respond?" 
He laughed and turned to me, eyes still closed, "I understand where you are coming from and I will try to make things better. More talking and less anger." 
"And you will try with Niall," I added. 
He nodded. 
"Come here you duffer," I pulled him in and his eyes flung open as I kissed him. 
We hit the bottom and I pulled away. 
"Thanks," he smiled and pulled me off towards another ride. 

I tugged him with me into the room by his shirt. He pulled mine off roughly and almost threw me onto the bed, closing the door with his foot. His shirt came off and he slowly kissed my at my stomach will removing my pants. It felt like it was back in England, like nothing had happened. I tugged at his belt and he assisted in pulling his own pants off. I felt his hard on pressing against my thigh as he kissed at my neck. He was still in boxers but that was fast changed. I took his dick in my hand and trailed my thumb along its length. He moaned against my lips. He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the condom packet and handed it to me. I rolled it on as he kissed at my neck. He teased me a bit before pressing inside me. 
"Harry," I moaned, pressing my face into his neck as he began to move. 
I was in a loud mood too. I felt sorry for Louis that night.

The next morning, we met the boys in the hotel lobby. Louis looked exhausted, as did Niall. 
"Have fun last night?" Zayn laughed. 
"Shut up," Harry laughed. 
"You don't know how to," Niall said, grumpily. 
"Oh, lighten up mate," Harry joked, whacking his arm. 
Everyone froze. Niall looked at Liam, then at me. I smiled. 
"You guys are so tense this morning," Harry continued to laugh. 
Liam relaxed and Louis groaned. 
"I hate you so much," he said, doubling over with drowsiness. 
Niall was looking at Harry, and flicking his eyes to me every two seconds. 
"Let's go," Paul said from behind Zayn. 

"You look good today," Harry smiled, as he held the door to the car open for me. 
"Thanks," I smiled, sliding in. Niall was next to me on one side and Harry was on the other. 
"What are we doing today Niall?" Harry asked, looking across me. 
Niall once again looked stunned, "Uhh, interviews. No concert tonight, so the day is full of radio and tv interviews." 
"Thanks. Jorgie, we still have to get new phones too. I can organise for El to get them before she comes over." 
"Sounds good," I nodded, distracted by the hand touching my lower back. I knew it was Niall cause I could tell it wasn't Harry. I looked at him and made some form of mistake cause the hand on my back moved lower. I glanced over at Harry but he was talking to the other three boys who were in the very back seat of the car. I tried to make it unnoticeable when I pulled Niall's hand away and virtually scolded him with my eyes. 
"What are you laughing at Niall?" Liam asked curiously. 
"Nothing," he kept laughing. 
"Shut up," I joined, "You are so mean." 
Harry spun back and looked at me, "You two are just like each other. You laugh at anything." 
We both glared at him and cracked up laughing again. 
Louis joined in and eventually the whole car was laughing. We didn't even know what it was about. 
We reached the radio studio and the driveway was packed with screaming fans. The boys waved out the windows as we drove through them. 
I waited whilst the boys were in the interview. I could hear it on the speakers. 
"So, Harry, what happened to made you flee to England, and then to Australia?" 
"Jorgie," he answered simply. 
"Why? Why did you have to go after her?" 
"Because I love her. It's as simple as that. To me, she is equal to these boys and I would go to the end of the world to be with them too." 
Good dodging, I thought. 

Once the interview was over, we all piled back into the car and headed to another interview. 
The whole day was like this. Even by dinner, they still had two interviews to do. 

"You wanna go back to the hotel?" Harry leaned in close to me. We were in the doorway of a studio cafeteria. 
"No, I'll just stay. I need to go to the bathroom but."
He laughed and putted me in the direction of it. 

I almost crashed into Niall in the hallway. He grabbed my wrists to stop me from falling. 
"Sorry," he laughed, pulling me up, right in close to him. I tried to step out of his grip but he put a hand on the small of my back and held me to him. 
"No Niall," I shook my head. 
"I'm struggling to keep away from you," he frowned. 
"Well you'll just have to try harder." 
I ducked under his arm and continued down the hallway.
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