Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


7. Unexpected company

I groaned and he began again, pushing me up against the shower wall. He had mastered getting hard over me. His hands slid down my back and cupped under my arse. He groaned and hitched me up, holding me as he pushed into me again. It felt a lot better this time round. He pulled my thigh up and hitched my leg around his waist. He had a steady rhythm going and had me writhing against the wall, wanting him more and more. He pulled my other leg up so that I was wrapped around him. He lasted a while and I kept it up too. 

After he pulled out, he grabbed the body wash and poured some into his palm. He turned me and kissed at my neck whilst giving me a soapy message. It was an extremely hot situation. 

"Wow," Harry smiled as he turned the shower off and grabbed me a towel. I wrapped it around me. He leaned and kissed me. "Now my body will be yearning for you even more or the next two weeks. I don't want to go." 
"Well you have to," I laughed, heading back for the bedroom. There was a knock on the door. 
"Can you get that," I called to Harry. 
I put on a shirt and some shorts and headed out to see who it was. 

Not what I expected. 
"Hi Jorgie," beamed my sister, Emily in the doorway. 
Harry was still in just a towel. 
"Hi," I laughed, hugging her. "What are you doing here?" 
"Interrupting something apparently," she laughed and looked at Harry. 
"Go get dressed Harry," I laughed and kissed him before he went to the bedroom. 

I pulled my sister in, picking up our clothes off the floor as I went. I pointed to the couch with my elbow and threw the clothes into the laundry. My sister left her suitcase near the door and sat. 
"So, Harry, hey?" 
I smiled and she hugged me. 
"You shamed all the people out that used to tease you when you fangirled." 
I laughed, "That wasn't what I had thought about." 
"Well this is not a small flat." 
"It's Harry's. He owns a few. One of them was above my small flat, hence, how we met. How did you find here anyway??"
"His blonde friend. He said that you had come down here with Harry last night and gave me directions."
"Oh, Niall. He's a great guy." 
She laughed, "So, got a spare bed in this massive place?" 
"Of course," I smiled, "Harry is leaving tomorrow for two weeks," this I frowned at, "So company would be nice." 
"Yes," she cheered before dragging me down the hallway to show her her room. 

That is where Harry found us. 
"My sister is gonna stay while you're gone, okay?" 
"That's fine. It means I'm not leaving you to be all lonely and miss me too much."
"I still will," I laughed, dragging them both to the lounge room. 
"Can I shower?" Emily asked, "It was a long flight." 
I glanced at Harry. He nodded. 
"I'll show you the bathroom you can use," he smiled, taking her to the bathroom at the other end of the apartment. 

I went and tidied the other one and pulled up the bed. I turned to find Harry in the doorway smiling. 
"What?" I laughed, "I have a small case of OCD." 
"It's cute," he smiled, wrapping his arms around me. My arms moved to his neck. I heard the shower start and pulled him in for a kiss. 
"I don't want you to leave," I frowned, hugging him to me. 
"You have someone with you now at least," he smiled, moving his hands to the small of my back. 
"Yeah, but, you're not like my sister. She will drag me places. I will have no say in the matter."
He laughed, "That's what older sisters are for. Speaking I which, when I get back, I'm taking you to my home, so you can meet my mum and sister, Gemma." 
My eyes widened at the thought. 
"They are not scary," he laughed, letting me go. "What do you want for dinner?" 
"Your choice," I answered following him to the kitchen. 
"Tacos!" He had a too cheerful expression on his face. 
"You're making them but." 
He laughed and began to pull stuff from the cupboard. 
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