Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


8. Two Long Weeks

The next morning, I drove Harry to the airport in his Audi. There were fans swarming us as we made our way to where they were meeting. When in the clear, I parked and we both jumped out of the car. I was a slower driver than him and he kept making fun of me. The other boys were standing around in a the parking area with their luggage piled onto carts. Harry pulled his own out of the trunk. We walked over. El was hugging Lou, Dani was gripping Liam's hand, and Perrie and Zayn were sharing a peck. I grabbed Harry's hand as they started to make their way through the airport. They had two hours before boarding and breakfast sounded great right now. 
"We'll go to a private room. They'll bring us anything."
"Cool," I smiled. 

As soon as we entered the airport, we were surrounded. Body guards were pushing the fans back. The boys all waved friendly. Harry was pulling me as we dove through the crowd. 

When it was time for them to board, I walked out of the private room with Harry. 
"I'm going to miss you," he smiled, taking my hands in his. 
"Skype me?" 
"Of course." 
"And promise that you won't find a cute Swedish girl and dump me for her."
"You have nothing to worry about," he laughed, pulling me in. I could feel the girls staring at us all over the airport, pictures being taken. He moved his head and kissed my neck, slowly moving up to my lips. 
"I love you," he smiled, pulling back. 
It was the first time he said it. 
"I love you too," I returned, as he started to leave. 
"Love you more," he called, just before following the other boys through a doorway. 

All us girls were escorted back to our cars by security. There were fans crawling around the airport and still dangers as half of them were psycho. 
We stood around by our cars talking for a bit before I finally headed back to the flat. 

My sister was still asleep when I got back, even at midday. I walked in and shook her awake. 
"If you want me to show you places, you better get up." 
It was kinda ridiculous that I had to treat my older sister like she was four, but that was the way it had always been. 
She went and had a shower and we both went for lunch. 
That was a weird day, because people had begun to recognise me without Harry. People took pictures of me doing everyday things and that night they were up on twitter and tumblr. Emily was laughing at the fact that people followed me and took pictures, just because I had never really been the popular girl. 

The two weeks were slow but. Harry skyped me every night, heading up to his and Louis' room early and laying down on the bed with his laptop on his stomach. I retreated to our room and laid on the bed in a similar way. 
"I miss you," he'd start off. 
"I miss you too." 
It would result in him singing me to sleep always. 

We were texting like it was our job too. He would text me the tiniest detail, like: 

From: Sexy H ;) x (I still hadn't changed that) 
Louis just hit me. 

From: Sexy H ;) x 
Liam can't find his jeans and he is yelling.. Haha.. 

I also received texts from the other boys. 

From: Louis :) 
Harry is talking in his sleep. He misses you. :) xx

From: Leeyum!!! 
Harry stol my jeans!! Grr!! Hah 

From: Niall :D 
I may have just attacked Harry cause he stole my chips :) haha 

From: Zayn 
If Harry talks about you anymore, I may hit him.  

The over the two weeks I lived on my phone and laptop. 
He kept up with cheesy tweets too. 

@Harry_Styles: I miss you xx 

@Harry_Styles: According to @Louis_Tomlinson I now talk in my sleep. 

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles It's more groan peoples names. Especially @jorgiematthew23 s :) 

@jorgiematthew23: @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles And I'm sure Louis doesn't miss @EleanorJCalder 

@Louis_Tomlinson: @jorgiematthew23 @Harry_Styles @EleanorJCalder Of course I do!! I've just learned how to cope being away from her. 

@EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @jorgiematthew23 He's just stronger than Harry.. ;) 

@Harry_Styles: @EleanorJCalder @Louis_Tomlinson @jorgiematthew23 Really???? Haha 

People were craving for us to keep tweeting and most of the time we gave it to them with flirty, funny and weird tweets to each other.

The day finally came for him to come home and I was practically bouncing as I drove to the airport. 
My sister had stayed at the penthouse, indulging in my food and the fine array of British Tv, or Geordie Shore. 

I parked and waited in the car until I got a a text from Harry: 

From: Sexy H ;) x 
I'm coming through security now. 

I jumped out, grabbed my bag and practically ran through the airport. El and Dani were hot on my heels too. There were fans around too, aware of the boys arrival. I ran past and as I saw Harry, I almost dove on him. Paul almost stopped me, thinking I was a fan but as Harry ran to me, he recognised what was going on. I leaped into his arms. He held me for a second before kissing up my neck and to my face. Paparazzi flashed around us but we didn't seem to notice. 
"I missed you," Harry smiled, taking my face in his hands. 
"I missed you too." 
We separated and turned to the rest of the boys. Paul was making sure all the luggage was there, Dani had an arm around Liam and Louis was playing with El's hair. Niall and Zayn were discussing something intensely. 

We started to walk to the cars. We farewelled everyone before jumping into the car. Harry tried to insist on driving but I refused to let him. 
He was continuously talking while we drove. I think it was the fastest he had ever talked too. 
"You want food?" I asked, after he finished telling me about a song they recorded. 
"Well, I am hungry." 
I looked at him and could tell he was being dirty. He had a greedy look in his eyes. 
"My place?" I laughed. 
"Sounds good," he smiled, kissing my neck. 

We barely made it to the flat. Niall was pulling up as we ran inside. It was raining. We ran into the lift before Niall made it through the door. His shirt was off in the elevator. My jeans were unzipped. He carried me into the flat and ripped of my yellow shirt. His pants were off and clothes went flying. He laid me on the bed and was on top. 
"I want you so badly," he moaned. 
"I love you," I laughed. 
"As do I love you," he returned. We rolled. "I want you on top of me," he explained, "I want to see that beautiful face." 
I nodded and slowly lined myself up, a little bit scared, but before long he was inside me and we worked at a slowly pace, making it last a while. 

He crashed after, snoring, as I went and showered. I cleaned the fridge out and as I leaned to pull the yogurt out of the bottom I felt a body behind me. I stood and he pressed up against me. 
"Hi," I smiled, turning my body to him. 
"Hi," he returned, kissing my jaw. 
He had the sheet wrapped around him and his hair stuck up in various spots. 
"Go shower and we'll head to yours. My sisters still there," I smiled, pushing him off me slightly. 
"I could go for another round," he laughed against my cheek. 
"You could for another forty, but I'm not giving in," I teased. 
He laughed and went for the bathroom. 
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