Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


11. The Truth

It was a fate worse than death. Gemma stood before us with her lips pursed and arms crossed at her chest.
"Hi," Harry smiled awkwardly, trying to edge around her.
"Are you kidding me? I can't even have my boyfriend in the house and you're allowed to have sex in the bathroom!" She growled. 
"We didn't ha-" I started but she cut me off. 
"And why do you always get the glory? If I'm upset, I get yelled at. I don't get comfort anymore. Next time you two have sex, don't let me catch you or I will tell." She stomped into her room and Harry turned to me. 
"Okay then," he rolled his eyes and pulled me back into his room. 

Once in his room, he shut the door and practically threw me onto his bed. It screeched. I laughed.
"We have a little time to spare," Harry smiled, climbing on top of me and kissing up from my collarbone. I grabbed in his damp hair. His mouth moved to mine and his hand made for my pants, tugging them. I laughed and slid my hands down his back and into his boxers. He yelped a little as my cold hands touched his bum. As I moved my hands around his hips, Harry's boxers started to slide down. He kissed at m collarbone again and his hands gripped under my thighs. 

The door flung open and Harry practically leaped off of me, pulling his boxers back up. 
"Mum," he said, alarmed. 
"Harry, are these yo-" She looked up from th fabric in her hand. "Sorry, I'm interrupting something aren't I?" 
Harry smiled sarcastically. 
I sat up. 
"Oh my god," she covered her face with the fabric, "Wow, I am so sorry!" 
"No, they're not mine mum," Harry almost growled, pushing her out of the room. 
"Dinners ready too," she called back. 
Harry gave himself a forehead slap and pulled me up, pecking my lips softly. 
"Lets go have dinner and we might be able to pick up were we left off," he smiled, putting a pair of pyjama pants on. He left himself bare chested. 

Dinner was awkward that night. We all sat at a dining table and having had two of them caught us, I could barely speak. 
"Harry, how is the new album going?" Anne asked, trying to break the awkwardness. 
"Good, we should be releasing it next month."
"And Jorgie, what is it that you do?" 
"I'm a part time Actress. I actually am about to start filming a tv series." 
"Oh, wow! How will you two find time for each other?" 
"Well, we pretty much live together mum," Harry answered. "What are you doing at the moment Gemma?" He spun to his silent sister. 
She glared at him and looked back at her food. 
"Okay, anyway, yeah. She has a flat and I have a flat but we have been staying in the penthouse. I was in Sweden for two weeks too." 
"And you coped?" Anne asked me. 
"I don't need him to breathe for me but yes, I was fine," I laughed, breaking the tension further. 
Anne laughed too, "Well you two seem to just... I don't know. You seem so made for each other." 
"Thanks mum," he smiled and kissed my cheek before taking another potato into his mouth.
I smiled. 

"Harry, you've got gravy on your chest," I laughed as he walked into the room. 
He tried to lick it and couldn't reach. 
"Here," I smiled, purposely being seductive. I looked into his eyes and bent down to lick it off his chest. 
He growled low in his stomach, "I want you now." 
It was probably like eight and we both weren't ready for bed. 
"Your mum and Robin are in the next room. And not to mention Gemma who seems to know everything that happens," I frowned. 
He frowned and held me close to him. 
"Not to mention the fact that your bed squeaks and is ridiculously small," I laughed. 
I pecked his cheek before pulling away from his embrace and sitting on the squeaky bed. 

It was then that Gemma flung the door open, "Uh-huh!" She tried to triumphantly say. She noticed where we were in the room and frowned cause Harry stood almost two metres away from me and it was pretty clear that we weren't doing anything. "Oh," She frowned. 
"Get out!" Harry suddenly hissed, "Just because you have something wrong with you, it doesn't mean that you have to ruin my life too." He pushed her out of the door, following her out and leaving me sitting on the bed. 

Harry's POV 
As I pushed her out the door, I followed her out. 
"What is wrong with you?" I growled. 
"What the fuck?"
"There is something you aren't telling mum and I and it is making you weird. So what is it that you feel the need to hide it and become pigheaded and try to destroy my sex life?" 
"I do not want to know about your sex life!" She said, holding her hands up in surrender. 
"Well, what is it?" I was in her face, towering over her to make her whimper under my gaze. 
"Nothing," she snickered, trying to head to her bedroom. I grabbed the collar of her shirt and she spun, "Get off me Harry! You are not my father!" 
I didn't give in, "No! What is wrong with you?!"
"Nothing! Now leave me alone!" 
"Is it that guy you're dating?" 
She went silent. 
"What has he done?" 
"He doesn't even know," she whispered, breaking down into tears. 

I held her face on my shoulder and rubbed her back as she sobbed. 
"Come on," I said, walking her into her room and sitting next to her on the bed. The room was still the same, with the purple walls and the weird organisation. 
I hugged her until she finally stopped sobbing and got her breathe back. 
"What is it Gemma? What has he done?" I asked, my voice full of concern now. 
"He didn't do it on purpose. I haven't even told him. It's been about two months too," she whispered, shaking. 
"Gemma? Tell me," I demanded. 
She licked her lips and looked at me, "I'm pregnant. I haven't even told mum yet and I don't know what to do, especially cause mum doesn't like Alex. I don't even like Alex that much. He was an escape. And mum keeps telling me that he's no good and I agree, but I can't."
She broke down in tears again. Holy shit, I thought. My family was more screwed up than they let on. 
"I don't know what to do Harry," she sobbed. 
I pulled her face up to look at me again. 
"First things first. Tomorrow morning, you tell mum. Next, if you don't like Alex, dump him and do not tell him or he'll come back. Thirdly, you don't bottle things up next time and you just tell either me or mum, okay?" 
"Okay," she nodded, smiling, "Now, you go and have a nice night with Jorgie. She is beautiful too. I was just being stubborn." 
She pushed me out of the door. 
"Can you apologise to her too?" I asked, spinning to face Gemma, "She thinks you hate her." 
She smiled, put her headphones in and shut her bedroom door. 

I knew what she meant by putting her headphones in and almost ran into my room. I laughed when I walked in, not believing my luck. Jorgie was sound asleep, curled up on top of the covers. 
I smiled and crawled in beside her, kissing her neck softly, trying to wake her. She must have been exhausted but because she didn't budge. I pulled the duvet over her and wrapped arm around her, curling in next to her. She was talking in her sleep too. Just little words. She said my name and I fell asleep. 
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