Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


16. The Search

Harry's POV
I looked at the text again.

From: Jorgie ;) <3 
Don't come looking 

Sitting on my bed, all the emotions hit me. I threw the phone across the room, smashing it against the wall. Louis almost leaped out of his bed. 
"What the fuck?" He cursed. 
And I couldn't help it. I put my head in my hands and let out a sob. Louis' hand found my back, rubbing circles, and his other hand was on my knee as he pulled me in to sob on his shoulder. 
"It's okay mate," he cooed. 
I shookmy head and pulled my face away from him. 
"It's not. She doesn't want to ever see me again. I don't even know if this is true." I held up the piece of paper on my bed. 
"And what of it is?" Louis asked. 
One word, "Responsibility," I frowned. 
"Do you remember Marissa?" 
"Not really, no." 
"The results come back today. Fingers crossed." With that, Louis went to shower. 

The day dragged on. We had a show that night so rehearsals were in the morning. I didn't go out with the boys to greet fans. At three, the results came back, sent via email. The boys sat with me as I read it aloud off Louis' phone.
"It has been resulted that there is not enough similar DNA present for the child named Marcus Patrick Young to be sufficient. The test has been proven negative." I let out a sigh of relief. I wasn't ready for a kid. Then I remembered that I had screwed things up with Jorgie and my face went into my hands again. 
"Harry? This is a good thing," Liam patted my leg. 
"Yeah mate," Zayn agreed. 
"It's not a fucking good thing," I growled, "I screwed up. Now I'm paying the price with Jorgie."  
"Text her," Niall suggested. 
"I smashed my phone," I glared up at him. 
"What about we all text her?" Louis thought aloud.
The all pulled out their phones.

Jorgie's POV 
My phone beeped when I stepped off the plane. Four consecutive text messages. 

From: Louis :)
Good News!!!! It was negative.. Please call!!! Harry really needs to talk to you. 

From: Zayn 
Jorgie!! It was negative!!!! Please listen to us!!! 

From: Niall :D 
You have to understand Jorgie!! Please just call!! 

From: Leeyum!! 
I can't even imagine how you must be feeling but Harry is trying to reach you to tell you that he loves you and it was a massive misunderstanding. Please! 

I threw my phone into the bin, hearing it clunk against the bottom. 

I reached the airport doors and headed into the wintery Australian air. It wasn't as cold as English winter so I didn't even bother with a coat. I headed to the carpark and found my sisters buggy waiting for me. I didn't hesitate to get in. 

"Hi," she half smiled, "You wanna talk?" 
I shook my head, the tears brimming in my eyes, "Can we just go to your flat?" 
She nodded and started the engine. 

I locked myself in her spare room when we got there, finally giving myself the chance to sob into my pillow. Even the knock on the door didn't make me move. 
"Niall just text me, asking if you were here. What do you want me to say?" 
"No!" I yelled breaking down again. 
"He also wants to know if I've heard from..." She didn't say his name.
Why wasn't Harry with the boys? 

Harry's POV 
I ran through Heathrow airport. I had no idea of where to go so the best option seemed to be our places. I went to her flat first and then headed to the penthouse. She had packed in a rush cause her clothes were still lying around. 
She wasn't here. The phone started to ring. It was more than likely a telemarketer or one of the boys. I felt really bad about leaving the boys without me for the show but I wouldn't have been able to perform anyway. My singing came from my heart and my heart was god knows where. 
"Harry! Are you there?" The answering machine echoed with Louis' voice. I ran back out the door. 
I went everywhere she might've been before heading back to the airport, depleted and lost for cause. 
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