Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


2. Strange Coincidence

It was literally a five minute walk. El walked in about 2 minutes after me and pulled her hood off her head. It was cozy inside the shop, all pink and cow printed. We got a shake each. I just chose randomly because I had no idea. Then we sat in a corner table. A group of teenagers were staring, which I didn't understand. I just brushed it off. 

"How you doing El?" I smiled. 
"Pretty good. My fiancé has a month off so we have been relaxing heaps. He is having a get together tomorrow if you wanna come." 
I wanted to say yes but had already promised Harry. "What does your fiancé do?"
"He is a singer." 
I nodded, "I would love to come but I have promised another friend that I would go to a thing with them. I will try to make it but." 
She wrote down her address. 

It was almost an hour before my phone beeped. 

From: Sexy H ;) x
Are you back yet? I need you!! 

To: Sexy H ;) x 
Keep it in your pants ;) x

I laughed. 
"Who's that?" Eleanor said, curiously
"A friend." 
"What time is it?" 
"Umm.." I glanced at my phone, "Almost six." 
"Shit, I gotta go." 
We both jumped up and hugged before she left me. I sat for a minute before picking up and leaving myself. 

When I got back to my flat I was exhausted and wet. It had started pouring as I walked back. I got straight into the shower and got into some warm pyjamas. I made some nachos for dinner and settled in front of the tv. I checked Twitter. Harry and mystery girl was the top trend and photos of myself with Harry flashed before me. It was shocking to see what people wrote. Some had no cares, others thought I was the devil. I closed the app before I read to much. Opening tumblr showed a similar thing. My timeline was full of the photos. 

To: Sexy H ;) x 
We are filling up my timeline. 

From: Sexy H ;) x 
You look hot!! :) Don't let what they say get to you, okay? Some Directioners can be nasty. No one has found you page yet, have they? 

To: Sexy H ;) x 
Thanks and no.. It's just the trend.. They don't know my name but.. 

From: Sexy H ;) x 
Good :) What is your twitter name anyway??

To: Sexy H ;) x 
That's for me to know and you to find out ;) 

Two seconds later, someone tapped on my door. I knew straight away it was him and I opened the door. 
"What are you doing?" I asked. 
He was in a ridiculous, but cute full piece onesie. It was dark blue with white markings. He was also wearing slippers. 
"And what are you wearing?" I laughed. 
"I was coming to see if you wanted company. And don't tease my outfit. Can I come in?" 
He brushed past me, not bothering to wait for an answer. I returned to my spot and he sat next to me, grabbing some of the left over nachos off my plate. 

We sat next to each other for a while, talking. I told him about home and my family and why I had left. It hit about 10:30 and I was out for the count, my head on Harry's shoulder. 
I felt him move my head to his lap and switch the Tv off, dozing off himself.

I woke the next morning in the same position. Harry had his head lolling over the back of the couch and was snoring softly. He looked so comfortable, in such an awkward way. I pulled myself up and sat, curling myself into his warmth. I stood by what I said but, this was going no further until I knew him better. 

I got up and walked to the kitchen, in order to make breakfast. The clock on the oven told me it was 9:30am. I decided to begin the day with some cornflakes. As I settled down at the table, Harry woke and wandered in. 
"Morning," he yawned. 
"Morning," I smiled, between mouthfuls. 
"Are you coming to Louis' with me today?" 
"Yeah, I said I would remember. I might leave a bit early but cause my friend is having a get together too."
He frowned, "Don't leave me."
"Might. I said might." 
"Well I'm gonna go back upstairs and get myself ready and I'll be down in around half an hour. And pack swimmers too because he has an indoor pool."
I smiled, "Okay." 
He stood for a moment before leaving. I think he was unsure of what to do.

I didn't take me long to get ready. I pinned my hair up, showing off the tattoo on the back of my neck, put some makeup on, highlighting my eyes once more, and through on some black tights with an oversized grey, stripy t-shirt, with some black ankle boots. 

Harry was there at my door at the exact time he said he would be. I smiled and grabbed my bag, locking the door behind me. 

Niall joined us as we left, all getting into Harry's Audi. Harry insisted that I sat in the front and Niall didn't say anything. It was a friendly car ride. Both boys were chatting away like brothers and pulling me into the conversation too. Harry kept glancing at me and smiling. He was so cheeky. 

The house he pulled into was massive. I could see a pool a tennis court and several other things in the garden. Cars were parked along the drive, which was long enough to be called a road. 
"How big is this thing Harry?" I turned. 
"Not entirely sure myself. Louis does like a party but." 
"Biggest understatement of the year," Niall chimed in. 

Three boys greeted us at the door. I recognised them as the other three members of One Direction, Louis, Liam and Zayn. Liam had a small toddler holding his hand. 
"Uncle Harry!!" she squealed, jumping on his leg.  
"Hey Lux," he smiled, patting her head. 
He then introduced me to the other boys. They were all polite. 
"Come in," Louis smiled, "You'll have to meet my fiancé Eleanor." 
Recognition flashed before me as my friend, Eleanor, came around the corner and into view. This had to be coincidence. 
"Jorgie? What are you doing here?" She looked so confused. 
"El? Hi!! I'm here with Harry and Niall. I live in there building."
"Wait, you two know each other?" Liam laughed. 
"Yeah," I laughed, hugging her in greeting, "El and I like to party together."
"Small world," Louis laughed. 
We all headed to the back of the house, into a living area. People sat around with beers in there hands at 10:30 in the morning. Harry carried Lux through and walked so close to me that our hands kept brushing. 
"Does that mean you can stay with me all day now?" he whispered in my ear as El grabbed us drinks. 
"Sure does," I whispered back. 
He smiled. 
"What's got you so cheery Harry?" Louis smiled, handing him a beer. Eleanor sat next to me and handed me a drink. It tasted fruity and I liked it. 
"Nothing," Harry lied, glancing at me. 

Eleanor pulled me aside as soon as she got the chance. 
"What is going on between you two?" she asked, urgently. 
"Nothing," I replied. 
"Yet," she added, laughing.
"Shut up," I laughed, "How come you didn't tell me you were engaged to Louis from One Direction?" 
"Because," she smiled. 
We rejoined the boys. 

About half an hour after that, Harry insisted on dragging me around and introducing me to people. He pulled me to a group of men. I knew a few of them from magazines or cd covers. 
"Olly, Matt," he started, pointing at each man, "Aiden, Dan, Josh, Sandy and Ed. This is Jorgie. She lives in our building."
"Hi Jorgie," smiled the one named Aiden.
"Hello," I returned. 
"Aussie, nice!!" Smiled Josh. 
"Josh," Harry warned, "Keep your filthy paws off!!" 
They all laughed and wolf whistled. Harry didn't even flinch. He just laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards a group of four girls sitting with Zayn. 
"The Little Mix girls. Jesy, Jade, Leigh-anne and Zayn's girlfriend Perrie."
"Hi," I waved. 
"This is Jorgie," Zayn provided. They began to ask me about myself. 

Harry was meanwhile preoccupied with a string on his coat. 
"Harry? Harry!" Jesy waved her hands in front of him. 
"Mmh," he mumbled, looking up. 
"Oh, never mind," she laughed. 
I glanced down at our hands. He had intertwined his fingers with mine. His hand was much bigger than mine and warm against my skin.  
I didn't let go. 

He continued to walk me around, like he was showing me off. We finally came to a stop in the pool room. There were change rooms and everything, like a public pool. It was around 3pm and through the windows you could see that it was raining. 
"You coming in?" Harry smiled, pulling his clothes off and jumping in in his boxers. 
I stared and laughed. He was dead serious. 
Shaking my head, I pulled my shirt off and stripped down to the white bikini that I had worn underneath. 

I sat on the edge at first and Harry forced himself in between my legs and placed his hands on my waist, pulling my in. 

It was warm and I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck, my legs around his waist. I know I said I wanted to wait a little to get this close to him but it was hard. Everything he done drew me in. Our faces were two inches from each other. His breath was warm and he gently pushed me against the side of the pool. I let my legs fall and stood. He made the first move, pressing his warm lips against mine, taking lead. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth and just went with it. His hands moved to my butt and my hands found themselves tangled in his hair. I felt him harden against my leg and pushed him back a little, taking a breathe. 
"Think again Harry."
He smirked, "Sorry."
"That's fine. Just not right now okay. I'm sticking to my word." 
He pressed his lips against me again, kissing at my neck. He was tempting me. 

A throat cleared behind us made us spring apart a little. Harry still gripped my waist. I turned to see Eleanor standing at the edge of the pool. She was smiling, but clearly trying to be mad at the same time. 
"Hi," I smiled. 
""Nothing is going on between us,"" she mocked, "You liars." 
Harry laughed, "There was only slight sexual tension before." 
"Harry!" I hit him. 
"I don't care," laughed Eleanor, "A few people are about to come in but, just a warning. And Jorgie, does this mean he is going to crash our girls night out for your birthday tomorrow?"
"It's your birthday tomorrow?" Harry sounded alarmed. 
"Eleanor," I groaned. 
She laughed and walked out. I hated my birthday. It meant that I was getting older. 
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I don't like my birthday."
"How old?"
"19," I smirked. 
"I thought you were already nineteen." 
He shook his head, spraying my with drops of water from his wet curls. 
Then he took my face in his hands and kissed my gently. 

There was a loud noise behind us and some people ran and jumped in. I pulled myself away from Harry but he intertwined our hands again, keeping me from swimming away from him. 

Heaps of people joined us in the pool. Louis opened a cupboard and began to play music, and jumped in. 
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