Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


13. Only a little While

He sat up once we had finished, moving back into his position over me. I smiled, my breathing heavy.
"You are beautiful," he pecked my lips. 
"And you are cheesy," I laughed, leaning into him. He moved his hand to my stomach, tracing slow circles near my hip. I moved my hand to his face and brushed his cheek.
"I love you," I whispered, pressing my hand into his hair. 
"And I adore, admire, and love you. With all my heart. You got that." 
I smiled and put my hand to his chest, "All your heart."
He closed his eyes as I skimmed his stomach with my hands. 
"But your still cheesy." 
"You love to ruin a moment, don't you?" he laughed, his eyes shooting open. 
"It's part of my charm," I pulled a face. 
He traced the tattoo on my wrist. 
"I didn't know you had this one," he leaned in closer, "I've seen your neck, the heart on your foot but I have never seen this. What does it say?" 
"If your lucky enough to be different, don't ever change," I quoted. 
"I can't change," he replied, showing the line on his wrist. 
I smiled and touched his star on his arm, "This represents the boys, right?" 
"Yeah," he smiled, looking at it. 
He didn't take the tattoo talk any further and dipped his head to kiss my collarbone.

Round two, I thought as he moved his head down to my belly button. I pulled him back up and rolled so that I was straddling him. I dipped and kissed his jaw, moving my head lower. I looked up and locked eyes with him as I moved my mouth over each gentle curve and slowly licked a bold strip up his dick. Harry rocked his hips and I took the head into my mouth, sucking hard. 

Harry writhed underneath me as I worked. He groaned and arched and panted beneath me. 
"Holy..... Fuck.... Jorg-..... Ohh..... God...... Yeah..... Ohhh..." I doubled my pace, pressing my tongue to the head every so often. 
He was going for a while but when I glanced back up at him, he caught my eye and almost immediately let loose, his hands gripping the blanket. 
I pulled off and swallowed. He groaned, and it took him a minute before he recovered and rolled back on top of me. I smiled and shook my head, rolling back. I moved to straddle him once more and kissed at his neck. He had his hands on my thighs. 

After a few hours, we laid back in our original positions, Harry once again singing softly in my ear as I drifted to sleep. 

We were both woken by a loud banging on one of the doors. 
"Is she in here?" A man yelled. 
Harry, still half asleep, stumbled to the door, putting his briefs back on as he walked. 
The man outside was obviously drunk. He had dark, messy hair and he was dressed like a dag. 
"Where is she?" he slurred. 
Harry looked at me, curled up in the blankets on the floor. I shook my head. I had no idea who he was. 
"Gemma! Where is she?" he demanded. 
"Alex?" Harry asked. 
"Who the fuck are you anyway? You think you're all good, don't ya? Your sided is the same. She thinks her shit don't stink." He stumbled half in the door. 
That was when he spotted me. "Ohh, look at this bird. She's got all dressed up for awesome Alex." 
Harry was fuming as I cowered. 
"Mate, I think it is time for you to go home," Harry said firmly, half pushing him out the door. 
"I'm not leaving until I see Gemma." 
He shoved Harry, "No!" 
Harry had had enough and took a swing at him. His fist connected with Alex's jaw and made him go flying onto the gravel. Anne, Robin and Gemma came running out of the house and I stood to hold Harry. I had the sheet wrapped around me and was trying to calm Harry as Alex composed himself. 
Alex stumbled to Gemma but it was Robin that stood in front of her. 
"I think it is time for you to go before I call the police," he demanded. Gemma was in tears but Alex didn't hesitate and left, not willing to face Robin. 

Harry shook his hand in pain. I held it up in both my hands and he sheepishly smiled. 
"You are an idiot," I laughed. 
"Thanks," he raised his eyebrows, "Mum, you can go back up to the house. We'll use the first aid kit in here." 
She nodded and Gemma smiled through her tears, "Thanks Harry, even if it was stupid." 
Anne smiled at me. I felt awkward cause I was in a sheet. 
"I'll, fix his, hand," I chose my words carefully. 
Harry laughed and pulled me back into the bungalow. He sat on the counter and showed me where the first aid kit was and I slowly put quick ice on his hand. He winced. I wrapped it and kissed the top of the bandage. 
"You're still an idiot," I laughed. 
"It was my plan to have you play nurse," he smiled, kissing my neck. "Although, you don't need that sheet anymore." 
He pulled the sheet down and skimmed his good hand down to my bum. He pulled me up with one arm and rolled so that his back was on the cold bench. I smiled, sitting on him. Round three. 

When I woke, I was quite warm. The sun was shining through gaps in the curtains. My head was on Harry's chest, his arm around my shoulders as we slept curled in blankets on the wooden floor. His wrapped hand was on my stomach. 
"Morning," he mumbled, his eyes still closed. 
"How's your hand?" 
"Sore, but okay." 
"That was Alex, Gemma's boyfriend?" I asked. 
"Mmh," he grumbled, keeping something from me. 
"They broke up?" 
He nodded, "Who gives a fuck?" 
This had clearly upset him, as he usually wouldn't swear, unless it was during sex. 
"What are you keeping from me Harry?" I sat up, glaring down at him. 
"It's not for me to tell," he answered quietly, "Sorry." 
I frowned and he pulled me back down. 
"Do you wanna have a bath or spa?" 
"Spa sounds nice," I mumbled, pursing my lips. 
He pulled me into a small room with spa. I had put a red bikini on and it was almost unnecessary. Harry was trying to rip it of as soon as I got in. He sat me on his lap as the bubbles lapped around us. I leant my head on Harry's shoulder as he kissed my back and neck. His hands fluttered around my hips, trailing lower until he shoved one in my bikini bottoms. I moaned as he rubbed and, mixed with the bubbles, it was one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

"Heeeellllooo??" I heard Louis' voice from the other room. I moaned as Harry pushed a finger into me. 
This alerted Louis to our presence. He came running in two minutes later in briefs like Harry's. The other boys followed. I elbowed Harry in an attempt to get him to stop trying to make me moan. I couldn't help it, as he shoved another finger in, I gasped. 
"Hi boys," Harry sounded nonchalant. 
I couldn't speak, in fear another moan would escape. 
They all got in next to us and Harry moved his fingers, bending them slightly. I groaned and tried to move away but he held me there with his sore hand. I bit down on my lip hard. 

Louis was staring at me, laughing at my expression. The other boys had already started a conversation. When Harry let me go I glared at him and went to sit in between Louis and Zayn. 
"I won't tell," Louis whispered in my ear. 
"Shut up," I frowned. 
He put an arm around my shoulder and glared at Harry, laughing at the same time. 
"What are you all doing here anyway?" 
"Partying!" Louis yelled. 
"No," Liam laughed, "We have to come up with an album name and we wanted to see Anne." 
"Wow," Harry groaned, leaning his head into his hand. "Just wow." 
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