Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


6. Long awaiting

Authors note: This is where it gets a hell of a lot more inappropriate. Youngings, stop reading!!

2 weeks later.
"Harry, I just got the role. I start production in two months." I yelled through the bathroom door. He had practically moved into my flat, even though he was only upstairs. 
He ran out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him and gave me a massive hug. 
"That is great," he beamed. 
"When I have money, I think I'll need a bigger place," I frowned. It was becoming crowded with Harry and frequent visits from the girls and the other boys. Niall almost always had dinner here. He insisted that he loved my cooking, I think he was lonely. 
"Why don't we just move into my flat?" Harry smiled. 
"Harry, your flat is exactly the same as mine."
"No, not that one," he laughed, "I have one further into London. I'll take you there this evening." 
That I had not expected. He went to go get dressed. I had been out all morning and was ready to go when he grabbed me by the waist and practically pushed me out the door. 
In the car he was throwing questions at me about this new job. 
"It's a new tv show. It's called Undone. It's about an Australian girl, me, who moves over to England in her senior year of school. And, yeah, that is where it goes so far. You can't know the rest," I laughed, leaning over and kissing his neck while he drove. 

No one knew we were together yet. People suspected but lately no one, in any interview, asked the question of who was single. 
I didn't mind that it wasn't really displayed in the media, it was just annoying that we had to avoid being seen when we were out. 
I did not expect it when he pulled into a grand hotel looking thing. People greeted him as he walked through and in the lift, he hit the very top floor. 
"Oh, you have got to be kidding me?"
"You own a penthouse and you choose to live I my apartment." 
"That was ease of access," he laughed. 
I wacked his arm.
"No, not like that. I mean, it was closer to the boys. They have apartments in here too, but Louis loves his house, Niall likes the relaxation of that area, Liam also likes his house and Zayn is staying with Perrie. A lot." 
I nodded as the lift doors opened, revealing a beautiful mahogany door. He unlocked it and I walked inside. The sky was darkening outside, so he switched on some lights. There was a fireplace with a lounge in front of it, a massive tv with a lounge at the opposite end and several other items. We walked through to the kitchen which was amazing. 
"I have a maid," he smiled, "That's why the food is all fresh. She fixes that if I'm not around."
Next was his master bedroom. The bed was enormous. He had a massive walk in too, like Carries one on the Sex and the City movie. Half was full. The bathroom was the next door. It had to be the best thing I had ever. The bath was massive, as was the shower and the vanity was big enough for an elephant to do her makeup in. He laughed at my expression. 
"You're never gonna leave that bathroom are you?" 
I shook my head.
He showed me several other bedrooms and another bathroom and then took me out onto a rooftop terrace. It had a spa on it and was beautifully decorated. I sat on one of the chairs. 
"So you wanna come live here with me?" He grinned, holding my hands in his. 
"Of course I do," I smiled, "But we'll keep my place right?"
"Okay then." It was dark and starting to get really cold so we headed back inside. 

"Hey, Alan Carr is airing tonight, the one that we recorded," he smiled, pulling me with him to the couch and switching the Tv on. 
"Harry? What about clothes?" I spun to him. 
"Oh, they're not required," he teased. 
I hit him, "You know what I meant."
"We'll go get some tomorrow. You can borrow some of mine tonight. And tomorrow you are going to get your licence too."
"Okay," I frowned. 
"I'm not letting you walk everywhere when I leave." 
"Okay. When are you leaving next?" It was Sunday. 
"We head to Sweden on Tuesday. I'm only gone for two weeks and ten I'll be back. And after the album gets released, I'll be leaving for a long time. You're coming with me for some of that but. I'm not taking a no." 
I nodded, "I'll be in Australia with you. You can meet my parents." 
His eyes widened at this thought. 
"Oh, they're not scary. You know my mum already loves you. She rings me sometimes and ask for you." 
He laughed as Alan Carr came onto the Tv. 
"The night everyone has been waiting for, here with me is Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn from One Direction." 
The boys walked down the stairs and sat with Alan. 
"Don't you feel weird watching yourself?" I asked Harry. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me so that I was right up against him. 
"Nah, I love Alan Carr but, funniest man ever." 
"So boys, anyone want a drink?" the Tv chimed as Alan poured them all drinks, "You got a new album coming out right? Tell me about that Liam." 
Liam started to talk about the album. 
The next question had me listening. "So boys, who is single and who is off the market now?" 
Niall raised his hand, "I'm single." 
"Me and Lou have fiancés, so we are well off the market," Liam smiled. 
"I'm still with Perrie from Little Mix," Zayn added. 
Harry didn't say anything. 
"And Harry?" Alan urged. 
"Hi," Harry smiled cheekily. 
"Now, don't use your little boy band charm with me," Alan scolded, "Are you currently with someone?" 
"Yes," Harry smiled, looking at his feet. The other boys wooed. "I'm currently dating someone." 
"Oh," Alan squealed, "Tell us all about her!!" 
"Mystery girl. She's from Australia. Her name is Jorgie and she is the most beautiful, kind hearted person I have ever met. I just didn't want the fans to send her hate, that's why public appearances were rare. She's feisty too, so she would probably bite back if anyone was rude to her." The picture of us at Tesco from the first day we met popped up on the screen. 
"Harry," Alan laughed, "You know all about how feisty she is, wouldn't you?"
"Alan," he groaned. 

I turned and kissed Harry smack bang on the lips. He smiled against them.
"Public appearances," I smiled, when we broke apart. 
"Right now?" 
"No, tomorrow. We are gonna walk down the street like a normal couple, hand in hand." 
He grinned at how excited this made me. 

The next morning, I woke to hot breath on my neck. I rolled and kissed him, startling him awake. 
"Morning," I smiled.  
He pulled me to him and rolled so that he was on top of me, kissing me deeply. 
"Harry," I laughed, as he tried to pull his shirt off of me. 
He was shirtless and I ran my hands down his chest and grasped them back around his neck. 
He groaned. 
"Later," I laughed. And pulled myself out from underneath him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back to him. I laughed before pulling his strong hands off, turning and kissing him and than getting dressed. He leant me a green shirt until we got to my apartment. I paired it with my jeans and we headed back to my place. 

I showered there and changed into a pair of boho printed gypsy pants, a black-buttoned tee and my black ballet flats. I done my makeup and hair quickly. I shoved my black heeled wedge boots into Harry's car to change into. It was 10 when we left to go to my driving test. Due to my Australian driving licence, I only had to do a few test before the gave me a British licence. It was also because of Harry and his charm. 

We got back into Harry's car and I switched my shoes. 
"Lunch and shopping?" he asked. 
"Mmhh," I nodded. 

The paps were out all day, as were fans. It was hard to be in peace, which I hated because he was leaving me for two weeks tomorrow. I also found out that Harry was a massive fan of PDAs which I didn't mind because all day his hands were on me. Around my waist, over my shoulder, hand in hand. He made the move of kissing me while we were at lunch which a sneaky pap got a shot of which I found the next day on tumblr. 

At two thirty, we headed to his penthouse. I was tired but at the same time not tired as he started to kiss me once we got inside. I had said later and I didn't want him to leave without my body in his mind. Why not, I thought. We crash landed on the couch, my body on top of his. 

I pulled his shirt off. His hair flailed widely and I shoved my hands into it and kissed him deeply. I was gonna go further than I had ever tonight. I had experimented with guys, but never had I gone all the way. Harry ripped at my shirt, popping the buttons open. He undid my belt and began to pull my pants off. I retaliated by pulling away and then moving my lips to his neck, kissing down. He thrusted as I trailed my lips down to his dick. He kept thrusting and I could feel his hard-on pressing into me. He was an eager boy. I undid his jeans and pulled them down, following them with his boxers. I didn't react like a virgin should have. I was quite brave and dipped my head to wrap my lips around the glistening head. He gasped and pushed into my mouth. I slid back up, my tongue tracing the underside of Harry's dick. Multiple times. He swore relentlessly and moaned and groaned and with a wild jerk and a bit of my name, he came. I swallowed quickly and pulled my body back up so that he was kissing me again. 

I didn't take him long to recover. He was hard no more than five minutes later. He was also gloriously naked, his pants completely gone. My bra and pants still remained but Harry was doing a quick job of that. I lifted as he tugged my pants off. We rolled so he was on top and my bra was next as he kissed down my chest and gently fondled my breast. He kissed down my stomach, showing the same care that I had. 
He dipped his head up, "Before this happens, you wanna go to the bed?" 
I nodded and he lifted me. I curled my legs around his waist and could feel his dick pressing too me through my panties. He threw me on the bed and was on top of me in an instant, returning to a spot just under my breast. 
"Harry," I groaned as he kissed further down and closer to my pants line, "You should know that this is a first." 
"Really? I'll go slow if you want." He sounded slightly shocked. 
"Keep with the pace, I just thought you should know." 
He moved back to my face and kissed me, before returning to his point. He grabbed at my waist and slid his hands down, pulling my underwear slowly down my legs. I groaned as he moved his lips lower and lower, going into an unsearched area. He licked a bit at first before experimenting with his fingers and returning his kisses to other places. He gently pushed a finger into me and circled it, loosening me. I groaned and he echoed it. We were both slick with sweat now. He fingered me for a short while before pulling out and grabbing a condom from the side drawer. He put it on and I waited, yearning for more. He pulled his face back to mine. 
"Are you okay?" 
I nodded.
"Are you ready?" 
"Yes, Harry!!! I want it!!" 
He didn't hesitate as he lined up and pushed inside me. We both groaned. I had tingles all in my body. It hurt a first but once he had a steady rhythm going, I went with it and it felt really good. I was on the edge, my body hot. He kissed at my neck as he moved.

I was shaking on the edge and as Harry moved his hands all over my body, making me feel extremely hot, I let go, almost screaming with the pleasure. Harry was set off by that and his hips jerked. He kissed me a bit before pulling out, which hurt. 
"Wow," I moaned. 
"Mmh," he smiled. 
I curled my arms around his waist and pulled the sheet up over me. It was only around three so I wasn't going to sleep. Harry had another idea. He got up and pulled me onto my knees. 
"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice full of concern. 
"I'm fine," I smiled. It was the truth too. I had never felt as good as I did, even if I hurt a little. 
"Well, you wanna have a shower than?" 
"Um, okay," I answered, unsure of what he meant. 
"With me." 
I jumped at this and he raced me to the bathroom. The water was warm on my neck when I got in. Harry was in not long after me. His shower had a roof head, making it feel like rain and be overly big. Harry made the first move by cupping his hand behind my neck and pulling me in with a deep kiss. 
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