Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


15. Harry's Secrets

Harry's POV 
I got in the car and didn't even think about what I would do. Cheshire was three hours away. I sailed Gemma's number on my phone as I started the car. No answer. Next I dialled mums. 
"Hello?" she answered, cheerily. 
"Mum? Where are you?" 
"I'm out. Why?" 
"Alex. He found out about the baby." 
The line cut off. I dialled another number. Jorgie answered on the first ring. 
"Harry? What are you not telling me?" She demanded. 
"I.. I.." I stumbled over my words, "It's my sister. When we went to visit, she found out that she was pregnant with Alex's baby. You saw Alex, so you understand why she doesn't want him to know," I told her everything as I drove. 
"So, why didn't you just tell me?" she asked. 
"I didn't want you to know how screwed up my family was."
"Harry? Please don't do anything stupid if he is still there." 
"I love you," she whispered. 
"I love you too. I'll be home soon."

I pulled into the driveway at almost midnight. There was an unknown car out the front and I almost ran through the door. 
My family were sat on the couch, an officer in front of them. I knew the officer, we had been to school together and dated briefly. 
They all looked up.
"Where is he?" I asked. 
"He has been taken away," my mum answered. 
Gemma's face was cut up and bruised. Tears were streaming down her face. 
"Hello Harry," smiled Megan, the officer. 
"Hey," I sat and wrapped an arm around Gemma. She started to sob and leaned into me. 
Megan finished her questions and I saw her to the door. 
"Thanks," I smiled. 
"Anytime," she pulled me into an unwanted hug. It was awkward. 

Jorgie POV 
It was the day he was set to leave that he came home. 
"I'm sorry," he smiled as I opened the door, handing me a big bunch of flowers. 
"I still don't understand why you didn't tell me." 
He told me everything. I couldn't believe it. 
"Why?" I asked. 
"I don't know, but let's not talk about this anymore. It's my last night here for a while." His eyes darkened. 
"You have got to be the horniest boy in the world," I laughed as he began to kiss at my neck. 
"Just kiss me," he laughed.
I pulled his face to mine and he slid his tongue into my mouth. 
"What else do you want?" I asked as he pulled back slightly. 
"How about a bath?" 
He dragged me to the bathroom and began to run the hot water. I lit the candles this time and we both laid down in the tub. 
"We can't really do much in here," I smiled as he kissed my shoulder. 
"Doing stuff isn't always needed," I laughed. 
"I don't want you to leave," I whispered. 
"I don't want to go." 
We spent the night in each others arms. 

When I woke the next morning, the bed was empty. Harry was in the kitchen, making breakfast and double checking everything.
"Morning," I smiled, kissing his bare shoulder. 
He spun to face me. 
"Are you going to be okay?" He asked, smiling but concerned.
"I'm gonna suffer terribly, but I will be fine," I smiled as he took my waist. 

As I drove him to the airport, he seemed distant, his mind somewhere else. He kept answering my questions with "Ems" and "Ahs". I was getting frustrated and a little upset. At the airport, he regained his usual self, talking with the boys and getting photos with fans. It made me wonder what he was thinking about in the car. 

We had our moment and off they went. 

All the girls decided to head out for lunch after they left. We headed down to a local restaurant. 
"How's everything been?" Eleanor asked, as Danielle and Perrie got a table. 
"Okay," I frowned, "Harry was acting weird in the car today. I don't know why." 
"I'll text Lou if you want and ask him."  
"Nah, he was probably just tired." 
"Maybe just ask when you call him next," Perrie joined as we sat.
"Yeah. That would probably be best." 

It wasn't until two days later that I called him. He hadn't been returning my text. Everyone had been ignoring me, even the girls.
"Harry? What is going on?" I demanded as soon as he answered.
"Nothing, why?" he sounded bored. 
"Everyone has been ignoring me, even you! If you didn't want to be with me anymore, you should've just told me!"
"Don't be ridiculous," he started to get defensive, "I love you with all my heart do why would I even think about breaking yours?"
"Well what is everyone hiding from me?"
"I want to tell you but I can't until I know all the details," he answered slowly. 
"Harry, whether you know all the details or not, you have to tell me!" 
"It's not certain, but last time I was recording in America, I met a women," he began. I sat and listened until I couldn't take anymore and I slammed the phone down in disgust.

I then threw most of my clothes in my suitcase and rang the airline. As the taxi took me to the airport I wrote him three simple words: 

To: Sexy H ;) x 
Don't come looking 
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