Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


9. Getting Serious

Back at his penthouse, I found a note: 

You took a fair while to get Harry so I decided that I would go shopping at let you two have some time together. Text me when it is safe to come back ;)
Love Emily. 

I laughed and showed Harry. The excitement in his eyes at the idea of "alone time" was undeniable. I shook my head. 
"No! I will not have sex with you! And you will not try to seduce me okay! Even with you beautiful green eyes and brown curls that I can't resist. I will not have sex with you!" 
He laughed, "Okay, how about some canoodling by the fire?" 
"Okay, but don't ever call it canoodling again," I laughed. 
He went and got two cups of tea and a packet of biscuits and say next to me. I took my cup and leaned my head against his chest, throwing my feet onto the lounge. He combed through my hair as I told him what I had done while he was gone. 
"My mum wants to meet you," he smiled, as I finished telling him about a bar I went too. 
"Really?" I tried to sound nonchalant, while my insides flipped. I had heard of his mum and sister. I had also seen pictures of his families home in Holmes Chapel. 
"How does driving down this weekend sound?" 
"Soon, but good. But my sister is leaving Saturday." 
"Sunday. We can drive down and spend the week. I don't have to go into the studio for a couple of weeks." 
He smiled and kissed my head before taking another mouthful of tea and shovelling a biscuit into his mouth. 

"Do you think she'll like me?" I suddenly frowned at Harry. 
"Why wouldn't she?" he laughed. 
"I dunno. I'm just loud and people back home tended to avoid me because I that." 
"She'll love that. My sister may not." 
"What?" I was stunned. 
"It's nothing to worry about love. She just can be a snob at times." 
"Great," I frowned. 
He smiled and pushed the hair out of my eyes. 

The door flung open and my sister waltzed in with her bags full of shopping. She seemed oblivious to mine and Harry's presence and just wandered up the hallway.
"What's for dinner?" she called, knowing we were there. 
"Hi to you too. What are you doing back?" 
"Shops were closing." I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost six. Harry and I had been laying like that for over two hours. "What's for dinner?" she repeated. 
"You cook," I called back. 
Harry laughed and pushed his hair back. 
"No," she called back. 
"Well starve then." 
We played a bit of ping-pong yelling until we finally settled on her making spaghetti. I didn't even like spaghetti but I didn't have to cook.

It felt comfortable having Harry back with me. We got into a groove again. We both knew what buttons to press and when to press them. 

Saturday came and we were up at six taking my sister to the airport. No one knew Harry was going so there were not packs of fans. Some people did come up to us as we sat around but we weren't mobbed. 
I farewelled my sister with a massive hug and told her to send my love back home. 
"Tell them I'll be back in a couple of months, when Harry tours." 
"Okay," she smiled, "I'll see you then." 
"Yeah." And she boarded the plane. 

The flat once again had two people in it. We spent the afternoon packing. Harry was finished within seconds. He then sat behind me on the bed and pulled at my clothes every time I walked past him. 
"We're alone again," he teased. 
"When I'm finished Harry," I scolded. 
He grabbed my hips and spun me. I was in between his legs and his face was in line with my stomach. 
"What are you gonna do now?" I laughed. 
He slowly stood and kissed my neck. He unzipped my shirt and tugged it over my head. 
"You should take this," he laughed, in between kisses, throwing the purple material into my suitcase.
He then moved to my pants, "And these jeans make your legs look so good," he dragged out 'so' as he slowly pulled my jeans off my legs and threw them into my suitcase. 
I stood in my bra and undies and laughed. 
"This shirt needs to be washed too," he pulled his own grey shirt off. "And these trousers can be worn again," he threw them back into his suitcase. He grabbed my waist again and pulled me onto the bed with him. 
"Harry," I groaned, as he kissed my neck. 
He laughed, "We might not be able to have sex for a week. Think about it. My mum always seems to be there." 
"Okay. But then I have to pack." 
He unclipped my bra and threw it across the room. Rolling to be on top of me, he pulled of his boxers and I pulled of my underwear. He was hard. I grabbed a condom out of the side drawer and rolled it on. He moaned. I laughed as he kissed hungrily at my collarbone. My hands were in his hair as he pressed into me. I moaned and he echoed it. 
He was going a bit softly, so I pressed my mouth to his ear as he slid up against me. 
"Harder Harry," I whispered. 
He groaned and went a little harder, picking up his pace. And just to ruin the moment, his phone rang on the bedside table. 
"Don't answer it," I panted. 
"I have to. It could be about the album," he groaned. Trying to sound nonchalant, he answered his mobile. He was still in me and he pressed a finger to my lips to try to suppress a moan. 
"Hello," his voice was hoarse, "Louis?" 
I rolled my eyes. Louis had bad timing. 
"No, I'm going home tomorrow." 
He was still pressed up against my body and kissed at my neck as Louis spoke. I moaned, yearning for more. 
"Well I can't really discuss that right now. I'm busy." I moaned again as he moved a little. He pressed a finger to my lips again. I licked and pulled it in between my teeth. This made him moan. 
"No," he groaned, "I said I was busy Louis. Goodbye." He hung up and moved back to me, apparently needing it more and more. My phone beeped but I ignore it. 

Once he pulled out, he pulled me into his body. "I love you," he whispered. 
I smiled, "As I do you." 
I picked my phone up to check the message. 

From: Louis :) 
Good round? ;) 

I forehead slapped myself and showed Harry. He laughed grabbing my phone. 
"Do you mind if I be inappropriate for two seconds?" 
I raised and eyebrow and laughed. 

To: Louis :)
Harry got a whole in one :) Good game, I say. 

I laughed, "Did you really just reference sex to golf?" 
He smiled. 

From: Louis :) 
What the? How many times did you two find the rough?

To: Louis :) 
Multiple. It was hard. ;)

We were laughing our heads off. 

From: Louis :) 
Yeah, I don't want to know about Harry's golf club... ;) 

To: Louis :) 
Haha.. Bu-bye Louis :) xx 

I jumped up, wrapping the sheet around me. 
"I'm going to shower," I stretched. 
Harry smiled on the bed, stretching himself. 
"Don't look so proud of yourself," and I shut the door behind me. 
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