Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


3. Drinking problem

It was almost 8pm when we got home. Louis had passed out early and others had spread to different parties. I was exhausted anyway. Niall had gone out and I could tell that Harry would probably want to stay with me tonight. He was pretty forward. 

We had picked up Nandos on the way back and he came into my place to eat. We didn't bother with the table, curling up on the couch to eat. Once we had finished, I smiled and got up, pecking his cheek. 
"I'm going to have a shower," I said against his skin. 
I wanted to tease him further so I pulled off my shirt, my bikini stop still underneath it, "Can you undo this?" I smiled and pulled my, now loose hair, off my back. 
He stood and began to untie the material. He then kissed my neck softly. 
"Nice tattoo," he said, his hands moving too my waist, my bikini top half undone. 
I turned to face him, gripping my fingers in his hair. His hands moved back to my neck to untie the rest of my bikini. I let him. He kissed at my neck and we fell back onto the couch, my bikini top falling away. 
I was struggling with the whole waiting thing. I gripped at his shirt as he laid on top of me. He helped me pull it over his head. He was hard but I didn't want to go there tonight. I settled for a little foreplay. I undone his jeans and pulled them down. He was a little surprised when I stuck my hand done his pants and took his hard-on in my hand, moving my hand along its length. He groaned a little and continued to kiss me, and rub his body against mine. 
He lasted a fair while, I'll give him that. 

Harry's POV 
She knew how to make me feel good, I'll give her that. The kiss in the pool was almost planned but this was completely her. I moaned as she jerked me off. 
"Jorgie," I groaned, arching a little. 
She smiled and kissed at my jawline. I rolled so that she was on top of me and moved my hands to her chest, grabbing her in every way that I could. I knew it wouldn't go further than foreplay tonight and I was quite satisfied. I let out another moan and had a bit of a hip spasm as I finally spurted hotly into my boxers. She let out a deep breathe and pulled her hand out of my pants. Then we just kissed, her grinding against me a bit. I didn't want to get hard again but was finding it difficult. Having a shirtless girl on top of me was hard. I was a little relieved then when she finally went to shower.
"Go clean up," she smiled and I laid for a minute before actually heading back upstairs to shower myself. 

Jorgie's POV 
It had seemed kind of dirty doing that, that's why I was glad to go and shower. That was as far as I would go tonight. My phone started to ring in my room, playing a completely random song, "Another World" by One Direction. What the hell? I ignored it. I heard my door open and heard Harry's voice as he answered it. 
"Hello." Pause "Yeah, she is in the shower." Pause. "Thats very sweet Mrs Matthew."
Oh god! He was talking to my mum. I wrapped a towel around myself and jumped out of the shower, running to my bedroom to grab the phone of him. 
"Hi Mum," I laughed, a little breathless. Harry was smiling like an idiot.
"Hey," she was clearly laughing on the other end, "How's things?" 
"Good, I gotta place." 
"That's great. Who was that boy?"
"That's Harry. And no, I will not talk about him to you. One second," I held the phone away from my mouth and covered the speaker. "Can you go make me a cup of tea?" I asked Harry. He was wearing a white t-shirt and boxers and looked ridiculously gorgeous with his hair all damp the way it was. He laughed and nodded. 
I pulled the phone back to my ear, "So mum, how's Australia?" 

It was probably about a 20 minute conversation with my mum. My sister had just got engaged and had gotten a job as a nurse. 

After I hung up, I put on a oversized white t-shirt and made my way back into the lounge room. 
Harry was on the couch with a cup of tea in his hand. 
"How is it that even when you are so undone, you still look incredibly beautiful?" 
He was watching the bachelor but seemed more interested by me.   
"Stop staring Harry." I sat on the lounge next to him and grabbed the tea off the table. 
"Tomorrow. Let's go out for lunch, for your birthday." 
I shook my head, "No!! I don't want to celebrate my birthday!!" 
"Well lets go out for lunch anyway. It's a Sunday, so I don't have to go into the studio." 
"Fine," I agreed, halfheartedly.

He wrapped his arm around me and picked up his phone. 
"You know, you're still mystery girl on Twitter?" Harry laughed. 
"It's got a nice ring to it. Harry and Mystery girl," I announced sarcastically. "Speaking of ring, did you change my ringtone?" 
He laughed it off, not answering me. 

At around 11, there was a knock on my door. I jumped up and answered, Harry following. 
I did not expect to see a very drunk Niall on the other side of my door. 
"Hello!!!" He yelled, grinning madly. 
"Not again Niall!!" Harry groaned. 
He stumbled inside, "I blame Olly." 
I was a little confused and highly amused at the same time. 
He plopped himself on the couch and Harry went and got him a glass of water. 
I sat next to him. He smiled cheekily at me. 
"I'm jealous of Harry," he frowned, "He got you and now I'm the only single one." 
He leaned his head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around him. It was so easy to get close to these boys. They were all so loveable. 
"You won't be alone forever but," I rubbed circles into his arm, "There are plenty of girls who would love to go out with you. You just have to find the right one." 
Harry returned and handed me the water. 
"Niall, you gotta drink this okay."
"Okay," he frowned, but gulped the water. 
"He never drinks it when I say too," Harry laughed.
"It's a womanly skill."
It was than that Niall passed out.
"Do you want me to take him down?" Harry asked. 
"Nah, just leave him here. I'm going to bed anyway."
"Okay." He stood a little awkwardly. I think he was unsure of where to go. 
I didn't care I'd he stayed, we just weren't having sex. 
"Are you coming?" I laughed. 
"Okay," he smiled. 

Harry was a comfortable person to sleep next to too. He was really warm and practically wrapped himself around me. My hands were locked to his. And every so often, if you watched him, he would smile in his sleep. 

At around 4, I heard Niall run into the bathroom. I jumped up to help, peeling Harry off me. 
Niall had his head in the bowl and was vomiting his guts up. I rubbed his back like my mum used to when I was sick. 
"You okay?" I asked, as he laid and put his face on the cold floor. 
"I hate alcohol," he moaned. 
"Come on," I laughed, pulling him to his feet and walking him back to the lounge. 
I grabbed a bucket and a glass of water and put them next to him. He smiled. 
"I wasn't joking when I said I was jealous of Harry. He really loves you. I've lived with him for almost five years."
"Thanks Niall, now go to sleep and you can tell me about it in the morning." 

Harry was still asleep when I went back to bed. As I got back in, he curled back around me. I smiled and dozed back off. 
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