Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


25. Content

"El!" I called over the screaming girls.  "Ahh!" We were trying to make our way backstage but was almost impossible.  "Paul?" I called as someone suddenly pushed us through.  I was relieved when we got back through the doors.  "Their fans are getting crazier," El breathed.  "I didn't think that was possible," Paul laughed.  "Harry?" I pushed through the dressing room door.  All of them were in there. Harry was the only one not dressed either. The other boys had gotten out of their stage clothes and were wearing normal clothes.  Harry meanwhile was only in briefs.  "Hi," he smiled as I walked in. Louis was quick to leave, dragging Eleanor out the door before she could even get in.  "Dinner plans," Harry smiled when I watched them, confused. "Speaking of which, would you be my guest to a fine dinner of pizza in the hotel."  "I would love to good sir," I laughed.  He grabbed my waist and pulled me in. I ran my hands down his back and softly kissed his lips.  "Get dressed," I laughed, as Niall made a gagging noise from behind him.  I wandered to where Niall was sitting. He had a bowl of chips on front of him and I sat on the chair next to him, grabbing some quickly. "How'd we go?" he smiled.  "Good," I laughed.  "Thanks," he smiled.  "What are you doing tonight?"  "Going to go for drinks with the boys." He pointed at Zayn and Liam. "Some of the band are coming too. And Andy, of course."  "Oh, okay." "Come on babe," Harry smiled, as he pulled me into the car. The boys were all leaving later, Louis and El had already taken another car.  In the hotel, Harry did exactly as he said as ordered BBQ chicken pizza.  "How are you?" he asked as he pulled me onto the couch with him.  "Tired," I smiled, leaning into his neck.  He rubbed my hair. I was exhausted. "You look it," he frowned.  He practically fed me cause I was so tired. My eyes slowly drooped as he turned on the television.  "I love you," he kissed my forehead.  "Love you too," I mumbled, letting my eyes close. I actually felt happy.  *Author's note* Hey guys!! :) Thanks for all the support through Untamed. The sequel, Wanted, will be up is up now.. :) xxx

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