Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


1. Blind eye

"So the flat is fully furnished?" I asked the realtor. 
"Yes. And there are only two other people in the building. The original owners of the whole lot, but they have agreed to rent a few flats out." The small, pudgy man smiled up at me. 
"Okay then. Can we finalise it now?" 
I signed a few lines and got a lift from the pudgy man back to my hotel. 

I had spent a few weeks in a hotel room after moving here from Australia. It has been a rushed few weeks to find a new place but it was today that I finally found one. I was finally out of this hotel tomorrow morning. I packed all my clothes back into my suitcase and settled down into bed, feeling jittery and ready to wake up in the morning. The night was early and I woke up feeling fresh. 

I showered quickly, throwing on a pair of dark blue skinnys and a tight lace shirt that was mostly cut out at the back. I done my make up quickly, emphasising my eyes with dark liner. I brushed my hair so it fell in golden waves down my back. It tied the outfit together with a pair of heeled ankle boots. 
My phone beeped. 
From: El :) 
Hey Jorgie.. What are you doing today? I'm bored and my fiancé won't come to milkshake city with me.. :( 

I replied.
To: El :) 
I got a new place. Going over this morning. But how about later? And I still have to meet that fiancé of yours... :) 

I had met Eleanor at a bar when I first got here. She was the closest friend I had considering I had only just moved over. 

As I moved to the hotel lift with my stuff, my phone beeped again. 

From: El :) 
Ohh!! Fun!!!! I'll pick you up later :) txt me the address!! :) and you will meet him someday :) xx

It was a short taxi ride to my new place and I spent about an hour in the new flat settling in with no signs of the other residents. 

It was about eleven that I went down to the lower floor to check my mail that I had the first meet and greet with one of them. A scream behind me notified me of his entrance. I turned to see a hooded figure and freaked a little cause of all the horror stories I had heard. He was breathing heavy and pulled his hood off to reveal a shock of messy brunette curls and startled green eyes. 
"Shit!" he cursed. Another boy ran in behind him and I spun back to what I was doing, whatever it was. 
"I swear those girls are crazy," came the other boy, with a thick Irish accent. I knew them from magazines that I had read. Harry Styles ad Niall Horan from One Direction. 
"Hey, level three, right?" called the one I knew as Harry. 
He was talking to me. I spun and smiled, "Yeah." 
"Wow!" he stared. 
"Harry? Harry!" the Irish one waved hi s hand in front of the other boys face. "Anyway," he frowned, "I'm Niall. That's Harry." 
"Jorgie. I'm gonna I now." 
Harry smiled, "You're Australian too??" he shook his head. I started to head for the lift. 
Niall hit Harry and laughed. 
"If you need anything, I'm on the top floor," Harry called as the doors closed. I laughed. 

About an Hour later, at midday, I realised I did need something. Food. And directions to the nearest store. I headed up in hope that he was still here. The music filling the hallway answered that. I tapped three times on the door and heard the music soften and his footsteps approach. 
"What Niall?" he groaned, flinging the door open.
He was obviously not looking up and I laughed because, there he stood before me, stark naked.
He quickly placed his hand over his dick and shut the door. 
"Shit! Sorry," He yelled. 
I could hear him running around his apartment.  
He returned to the door a minute later with a pair of jeans on. He had failed to get a shirt and he's V-line was pronoun and kind of a turn on. Even the small trail that led down below his jeans was making me feel all funny inside. 
"My face is up here," he laughed, using his finger to lift my gaze to his. 
"Hi," I smiled. 
"Hi. What can I do for you?"
"Umm... Umm.. Ummm.. Oh yeah, I needed your help." 
"With what?" He seemed pleased by this idea. 
"Well, I have no food in my fridge. And I kinda don't know the area. And I also don't know how to get somewhere when I do know where it is." 
I bit my lip. 

Harry's POV 
That was close to the most embarrassing moment of my life. I played it off and could tell that she was checking me out. I was kind of undressing her with my eyes too. Not like I could help it but. She was fucking beautiful, especially with that shirt emphasising all her curves and assets. 
"You want a lift?" I smiled, pouncing on the opportunity, but not trying to seem to eager. 
"Please," she batted her eyelashes. 
"Alright, come in for a second." I pulled her inside. 
The flat was as neat as I could be. MTV was still playing on the TV, just softer now. 
She turned to me, "What were you doing, may I ask?"

Jorgie's POV 
He chose that moment to get shy. "I was watching TV," he smiled.
"Naked?" I laughed. 
"Don't tease me," he frowned. 
He grabbed a t-shirt from the back of the couch and pulled it over his head. I sighed, not meaning too. 
"A little disappointed that I'm wearing a shirt?" he laughed. 
"What?? No!!" I laughed, shaking my head. 
He switched the TV off and took my wrist, dragging me out of the door. We stopped on my floor so I could grab my bag. Harry also wanted to tell Niall where we were going. Niall was on the floor below me. He laughed, "Okay. Olly is coming over anyway."

As I walked outside it began to rain. 
"Welcome to England!" Harry laughed, unlocking a silver and black, flashy, Audi R8. 
"Nice," I smiled, jumping in. 
"It's just a car," he laughed, "Can you legally drive?" 
"Not in England." 
"Well, when you can, if you need to borrow a car, you're very welcome too. I have two more."
"Now you're just showing off," I laughed. 

After a while, we were talking like old friends. There was obviously more too it but cause he kept reaching like he wanted to touch me, but pulling away again. 

We pulled into a Tesco store not far from the building. It was smaller than my local shops in Australia, but would do. Harry came in with me. 
"Grab a basket," I smiled, "I've got a fridge to fill." 
He wandered around with me for roughly an hour, laughing at the stuff that I didn't know. All the product was different and he had to help me when I was paying too because I didn't know the currency very well. 
"Shut up Harry!! It's not my fault," I laughed. He smiled and lifted the boot. Putting the bags in and that was when the paparazzi turned up. 
"How do these people find me?" He groaned. He grabbed the bags of me and flung them into the car. We both got in and Harry started the ignition before it could get any worse. 

"How are you used to that?" I asked. 
"I'm not. That, plus 50 or so girls is what I ran in from this morning."
"That is crazy. I don't think I could handle it."
He finally reached out with his spare hand and rubbed my leg. 
"Nah-ah," I laughed, removing his hand. "This is not headed in that direction." 
I must say, he looked a little hurt.
"Only," I continued, "because I don't know you that well. Maybe once I know more about you." 
He smirked a little at that. "What are you doing tomorrow?" 
"Nothing. Why?" I was extremely curious now. 
"A few people are going to my friend Louis' house and I was wondering if you wanted to come." 
"Sure!" I grinned. It would be nice to meet new people. 

Harry headed back up to his own place when we got back. I packed all my groceries away and spent the evening in front of the TV. 
My phone rang and I quickly answered it, "Hello?" 
"Hey. What are you doing?" 
"Oh, hi El." I glanced at the clock. It was 4:30 and I had neglected to text her back. "Nothing, I was just about to text you that same question." 
"Well, good! Let's go to milkshake city!" 
"Okay, I think I can walk from here so I'll meet you there, okay? 15 minutes?" 
"Sure.. See you soon." 
I hung up. 

My phone beeped and I smiled at the text from Harry. We had exchanged numbers before he had gone upstairs.

From: Sexy H ;) x
It is taking a hell of a lot of effort for me to stay up here.. :( Come see me ;) 

To: Sexy H ;) x
No! And nice name by the way. ;) Hey, how long does it take to get to milkshake city from here? 

From: Sexy H ;) x 
You want me to drive you. It's only a 5 minute walk, but it is raining. 

To: Sexy H ;) x 
You stay up there and keep your arse there okay?? I'll be back in less than an hour. ;) xx

I put my phone back in my bag and headed back out, pulling on a black coat to keep me dry. 
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