Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


5. Birthday fit for a Queen ;)

Back in my flat, we sat down for a little while before I got a phone call from El. 
"Hey," She cheered when I answered, "Happy Birthday!!"
"Thanks," I mumbled. 
"We're all going out tonight, okay? Harry and the boys are gonna come too."
"It's a Sunday," I laughed. 
"We don't have jobs to go too," she laughed, "And the boys don't have to go see Simon until 1pm."
"Okay, what time?"
We both hung up. 

Harry smiled and pecked my lips softly. 
I retaliated and took his face in my heads, pulling him back towards me. It got passionate, with my hands weaving into his hair and his hands gripping at my back. He pulled me to sit on top of him, my knees bent on either side of him. It was an ease of access thing as he pulled my shirt over my head, revealing a white lace bra. 
He tried to unclip that but I stopped him. 
"Nah-ah," I mumbled, against his lips, "We're going out." 
He groaned. 
I smiled and continued to kiss him slowly. 

It wasn't until Liam and Niall walked through the door that we sprung apart. Liam looked scarred for life as I put my shirt back on. 
"Hi," Niall announced, "You both weren't answering your phones so we came to make sure you were alive." 
"Didn't know we were walking in on something like that," Liam mumbled, still covering his eyes. 
"Liam, you are almost twenty-one and you have a fiancé and yet you can't look at a girl with no shirt on?" Harry laughed, pulling me to my feet. 
"Shut up Harry," he laughed. 
"I'm just gonna go freshen up, okay?" I whispered to Harry and headed for the bathroom. 

When we got down to the car, I laughed. Here was a black van with Zayn, Louis, Eleanor and Liam's fiancé, Danielle. Niall kept going on about why we couldn't answer our phones until Harry hit him. I smiled and wrapped my hand around Harry's leg, rubbing just above his knee. He smiled and kissed me. 
I looked up to see El smiling like an idiot. 
"What the hell El?" I laughed. 
"You two are just so cute."
Louis slapped her leg, "And we're not?"
"We are when we aren't being mobbed by people," she laughed, taking his hand. 
Harry was laughing, "Lou, I'm clearly cuter than you."
"Harry, just no. We all know I'm the cutest in the band." 
"Um, I have the curls.." 
The banter continued until we pulled up to the club. 

It was nosy when we stepped inside, really noisy for a Sunday. They let is in to the VIP section and Zayn led us to a table. Perrie and the rest of Little Mix were there. Perrie jumped up and wrapped her arms around Zayns neck, kissing him passionately.  
"Happy Birthday," they all singsonged. 
"Thanks," I smiled, glancing at my feet. 
"Don't do that," Harry whispered, putting a finger under my chin again, and lifting my face, "You're beautiful." 
I smiled and kissed him. 
"You guys make me sick," groaned Niall, "Is Olly here?" he turned to Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne. 
"Yeah," Jade answered, "He went into the normal area to dance, the weird kid that he is."
"Okay, cya." And with that Niall left. 

Harry got the first round of drinks, grabbing some sort of fruity drink. It was delicious. 
We didn't have a quite night but. By nine, we were on the dance floor, grinding with each other. Harry had the same amount as me but it hit me harder. We were all in a little huddle, dancing with anybody we could find. Harry kept telling me to drink water but I refused, ironically as Niall had done the same the previous night. 

I was dirty dancing with Jesy when Harry's body was behind mine. His face was near my ear.
"Do you know how much I want you right now?" he whispered. 
I spun, "Too bad!" I yelled, "You are keeping that in your pants." 
He smiled and began to dance with me.

Once it hit midnight, we thought it was best to head off. Harry gripped my waist tightly as we walked through the paparazzi that waited outside. 
I passed out in the car, my head on Harry's shoulder. 
"Where are her keys Harry?" I heard Louis laugh. Ideas aware of Harry's arms holding me. 
"They should be in there!" Harry replied. 
"Give it here," Eleanor's voice came. I heard a rattling and my door being unlocked. 
"Thanks guys," Harry laughed, pushing the door open with his foot. 
Harry took me to my room and laid me on the bed. I opened my eyes a little. 
Harry laughed as I tried to sit up. 
"You stay there!" He directed, pushing me back down. He pulled off his shirt. 
"Nah-ah," I laughed, waggling my finger at him as he tried to pull mine off. 
"I'm making you more comfortable," he smiled, lifting me and pulling my shirt up. 
Once I was laying back in my pyjamas, I smiled and patted his face, "You take care of me. I like that." 

Harry's POV 
It had been a good night. Jorgie had clearly enjoyed herself. She was giggling uncontrollably. 

Louis was up in my flat, Liam was in his old flat and Zayn had claimed his back. They were up for rent but when no one was here, they claimed them back as there own. 

I smiled as I pulled the covers over Jorgie and wrapped my arm around her, falling asleep when I heard her breathing deepen. 

The night passed slowly. I kept waking, hearing noises around me. Jorgie was out cold next to me. 

The next morning I woke with a headache. I felt like I hadn't slept. I had to be in the studio by one and it was only 9. I set about doing stuff to keep myself busy. I cleaned, which lasted about a minute because Jorgie was the neatest person I knew. I tried to fix her bookshelf which Louis had broken when he lived here. I also watered the very few pot plants that were around. 

At eleven, Jorgie rose looking like a bus had hit her. 
"Go have a shower," I laughed, "I'll get some food."
She waltzed off to the bathroom, looking beautiful, even though she was hungover. 
As she closed the bathroom door, the front door opened. 
"I heard food," Niall smiled, walking in looking similar to Jorgie. 
"I think Liam and Danielle are gonna come up too," smiled Zayn, as he followed Louis and Eleanor in. It was quite cozy, having everyone here. It felt like old times. 
I made about reheating some of the stuff that I had helped Niall cook the previous day. I also cooked up some bacon and made scrambled eggs. Everyone swarmed while I cooked. 

Jorgie was taking a while in the shower so I tapped on the door. 
"You okay?" I called. 
"Yeah, I won't be long. I gotta wash my hair."
"Okay, food is ready."

I sat around the floor with everyone, digging into the plates of food. 
"You really like her, don't you?" Danielle nudged  my arm. 
"I do."
"You can tell," Liam joined, "You seem more cheerful and talk less morbid when she's around."
Everyone laughed as I threw a piece of bacon at him. 
"We have to be in the studio in an hour," Louis frowned as Jorgie emerged from the bathroom, looking as if she wasn't hung over. She had a pair of patterned gypsy pants on, a plain black shirt and no shoes. Her hair was tied back into a bun and her makeup was fresh. 
"Good morning!" Everyone chimed. 
"Morning," she laughed. 
"Have you vomited?" Louis laughed, as she say next to me. 
"No, I don't vomit," she smiled.
I reached over and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. 

Jorgie's POV 
He's hand was cold, and welcoming. My head was throbbing. I got a glass of Apple Juice and swallowed.
It was 12:15 when the others went and had showers. The all still had clothes here which was convenient. Harry used my shower, trying to tug me in with him. 
"No," I laughed, as he wrapped his hands around my waist and went to lift me. He hadn't bothered wearing a shirt to sleep in and it was making me extremely tempted to join him. 
He laughed and had a quick shower, emerging after five minutes in some jeans and faded red t-shirt. 
"We have to go," he smiled, putting a pair of converse sneakers on. 
"Wait, I'm coming?" I was confused, "I didn't think I would be able too."
"Well, you can, and I want you too. El and Dani are coming. You just have to know the rules. Rule 1: Don't talk or anything noisy while we're recording, cause even though we are in a soundproof thing it is still very hard. Rule 2: Don't look so goddamn beautiful," he smiled, kissing me. 
"That's not a rule Harry," I laughed against his lips. 

It was 12:30 that we set off. Everyone was downstairs, all unlocking separate cars. 
"No black van?" I teased. 
Harry pulled the door to his Audi open, "No, it's easier this way. We get less people outside the studio to begin with, they all figure it out but it's still nice to stuff off. Also, it means we can do our own thing after." 
He drove like usual, speeding sometimes. I could see the other boys cars around us and laughed as Louis tried to overtake us but his porsche wasn't up for it. 

We got to the studio early due to the boys reckless driving. El, Danielle and I walked down to Starbucks to provide everyone with a coffee hit. We talked along the way, letting Dani and I get a chance to properly talk. El just wandered, chiming in sometimes. 

The people at Starbucks knew the boys orders. The had them ready and in cup holders and sent us on our way without even asking second questions. El got a frappuccino, as did Louis, Liam and Niall. Harry got a Mochalatte, which was because he thought it sounded cool but it was just a latte with chocolate in it, Zayn got a Cappuccino with 2 sugars, Dani got one with none and I added to the order with a skim Caramellatte. All were extra hot so the didn't get cold on the way back to the studio. We got papped on the way back and had to run inside the studio, away from the screaming girls that had started to swarm. 

"Hey Mike," El greeted the man behind the desk. 
"Hey El, Dani, and who is this?" He sounded feminine. 
"Jorgie. She's with Harry," Danielle provided. 
"Can she come in?" Eleanor grinned. 
"Sure, she's just gotta sign the usual documents," He pulled paperwork up, "Just here and here babe." I signed quickly as Harry and Zayn come out of a room. 
"Hey babe," Harry smiled, taking his drink out of my hands. "Thanks." He put his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. 
Zayn grabbed his drink from Dani and walked back into the room. 
"Come on," Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me in, pressing fingers to his lips as we walked in the door. Louis was up. He was singing a verse beautifully. El was smiling like an idiot at him and he winked and pointed at her. 
Harry grabbed her wrist in his other hand and pulled us both too where the other boys sat. The nodded in greeting and Harry pulled me onto his lap. He curled his hands into my laps and pulled me against his chest. I could tell that Louis was finishing up with his recording as Harry pushed my hair aside and sat his head on my shoulder. He took a sip of his drink. A man that I hadn't met was talking with Louis and I could see Louis laughing and nodding. He patted the mans shoulder and made his way out. Eleanor jumped up in a preppy way and kissed him. 
"Hey babe," he smiled, "Liam, Savan said that you're up next with Untamed. Harry, you're after to do the chorus too."
They both nodded, Liam rising and heading to Savan.
"Savan's our vocal coach. He also writes music," Harry said in my ear. 
"Okay. Untamed is one of the new songs?" I asked, turning to him. 
"It's about you," he said straightforwardly, "I wrote it after that day at Louis'" 
He put a finger to my mouth as Liam stepped up to the microphone. 
I tried to listen but could barely hear it due to soundproofing. Harry pulled up a napkin and handed it to me. I read the scribble on it. As I read, he sang it softly in my ear. 

Fast knockdown, quick get up 
Wont fall until she's ended
I want her, to need me
I know this is what I pleaded

She won't let up, let up, let up
It will take more for her to see
She's crazy for the thrill of it
Not too untamed for me

I spun and kissed him, "Cheesy but I like it," I smiled . 
He laughed. Liam finished and Harry was up. "You wanna hear him?" Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me with him into the room where Savan and a few others sat. He grabbed a pair of earphones and handed them to me. It was perfect. I had heard him sing but this was different. He sounded so smooth and his voice just went with the song. 
"You're doing something to him," smiled Savan, patting the seat next to him. Niall left the room again. "He is singing differently, deeper, more sincere, like it's from the heart. I've never heard him do that." 
I sat next to him as he began to fiddle with knobs and stuff on the board in front of him. 
"Harry, can we from the start again," he said in a speaker, "Just need to make sure I have it perfect." 
"Yeah sure," then he spotted me listening, "Hey beautiful," he winked. 
"Harry, I don't think it's appropriate for you to call me beautiful at a time like this," Savan laughed. 

It was then that Simon walked in. I wanted to hide, or crawl somewhere. Simon scared me. 
"Hi boys," he smiled, "Can we call a break Savan?" 
"Sure. Harry, come on out." 
Harry pulled his headphones off and came out of the room. He pulled me with him as he went to sit where Simon and the others were. 
"Hello, how is everything?" He smiled. 
The boys all nodded and Liam answered, "All good." 
"Did you get the news about Radio 1?"
"What news?" Harry asked, sitting and pulling me back to his lap. 
"Um, the interview to tonight. Harry, who is this? You haven't introduced us." 
"Jorgie. Jorgie is my girlfriend." 
"Hi," I waved shyly. 
"Hello. Anyway," he got back to business, "They want you all on for an interview tonight for the countdown. I'm going to assume your single reached number one."
"Well, if it's for that," Louis nodded. The others all agreed. 

As Simon left, Harry turned to me. "Damn," he frowned, "I wanted to have a relaxing night with you tonight. I was gonna make you dinner."
"Oh, don't worry, I'll cook myself and listen to you on the radio." 
"Okay, and then I'll come home and we can watch Love Actually."
"Okay," I laughed. 

My phone started ringing. 
"I gotta take this okay. I'll be back." 
I left the room.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hi, this is Anna from Milaeon. Your agency from Australia has contacted us and forwarded all your details. We were wondering if you could come in for a meeting?" 
"Of course. When?" 
"Tomorrow, if possible."
"Okay, would you be able to send me the address?"
"Thank you so much." I hung up. 

"What was that?" Louis smiled as I returned. Harry was talking with Savan. 
"I got offered to meet with an agency. I have to go tomorrow." 
"Wow! That is really good Jorgie," Eleanor hugged me.  
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