Jorgie never expected that moving too England would bring her too Harry. It is almost love at first sight, but someone is bound to destroy this couples bliss..

Take note that this is completely fiction. Also there are graphic sex scenes, so if you are underage, do not read this. It is rated like R.

Just another note: Remember that Harry hasn't told Jorgie some things.. Keep in mind that there are two different perspectives :)


24. Back to normality

Harry was gone when it hit midnight. He was snoring softly as I snuck out of the hotel door. 

The roof was easy to find, as was Niall. There was a little old park bench which he say on, staring at the breathe-taking views of California. 

"How did you find this?" I asked as I sat next to him. 
"You came," was all he said when he looked at me, smiling. 
"'Course," I laughed. 
"I wanted to tell you something Jorgie," he said, as he wrapped his jacket over my t-shirt. 
"Well, spit it out Niall." 
"It's more complicated but."
"Niall, I get the feeling I know what you will say, and I don't know yet. I can't just drop Harry for you. I can't sneak behind his back like this either. I want some space. I'm sorry," I couldn't stop the tear escaping my eye when I saw his frown. 
"Why are you crying?" he suddenly laughed, leaning to wipe the tear away with his finger. 
"I'm an emotional wreck," I laughed. 
"Look, I actually asked you to meet me to tell you that I want to be friends. Nothing more, nothing less," he smiled, wrapping an arm around me. 
"What?" She looked up at me. 
"I saw you tonight when Harry pointed at you. I saw how happy you were and realised that I want a girl that I can do that for but it's not you, it can't be you." 
"He does make me happy Niall," I leaned into his chest, hugging him tightly. 

Niall's POV 
There was nothing to it. My feelings were still there but I knew that there was only friendship coming out of this. 
"You make me happy too," she smiled up at me, "I actually consider you and El my closest friends." 
I smiled, "Why?" 
"Because I can talk to you. I don't feel like there is a point where I have to stop with you. For instance, if I told you that Harry was a terrible kisser, which he is not by the way, I could trust you to not tell him if I didn't want you too."
"That's true I guess." 

It was about 3am when we finally headed back in. She was yawning and trudged off to her room. I wasn't tired yet and I pulled my laptop up to my lap and began a twitcam. Josh, who I had shared the room with came in with a beer in his hand and joined me, just a little bit drunk too. 

The next day was the same as the two before. We had interviews and then the night show. 

Jorgie's POV
It wasn't until the Thursday, three days later, that we headed off again.  

In the bus, all the boys were updating on there laptops. Internet was bad so it lasted about five minutes. Andy, Liam and Zayn Played video games and Louis and Harry came and sat with me. Niall headed in the opposite direction, joining the other boys with video games. 
"El is gonna get you two new phones," Louis smiled suddenly. 
"Oh thanks," I smiled. He had his phone in front of him. "Can you tell her sorry from me."
"Oh babe, she's already forgiven you," He laughed. 
Harry looked up from the button he was playing with. "I'm bored," he frowned. 
Niall threw a banana and it landed on the floor after rebounding of Harry's shoulder. 
A riot suddenly broke out. 
"Oh, it's on little Nialler," Harry laughed, throwing the fruit back at him. 
Liam threw his shoe at Louis who was still texting. Lou jumped up and threw his phone down. I stared as they all fought. They were all laughing, Nialls more distinctive then the rest. 

I started screaming when Louis wrapped his arms around my and pulled me over his shoulder, bringing me into it. Harry was hiding I his bunk as they threw things at him. I laughed and climbed onto the bunk above him.

We were all laughing and sitting on the beds once more. I was laying on Harry's bed, my feet were on his lap as he drew circles into my leg. I had stolen Louis' phone and he was trying to get it from the bunk above. Liam was above him and had taken to texting people and taking pictures to post on twitter. 
Zayn was reading and Niall was eating. 
"Give it back," Louis' face appeared as he leaned over his bed. 
"No," I laughed, "What's your passcode??"
"I'm not telling. Give me my phone!" 
"Try either his birthday or El's birthday," Harry said leaning to see the phone. Both failed. 
"Try Harry's birthday," Niall laughed. 
"Or what about his PIN number?" Liam said. 
"I wouldn't know that," I laughed. 
"Try none of those and give me my phone!" Louis' arm emerged next to his head. 
"Come on Boo Bear," Harry teased, "What's your passcode?"  
"Oh, don't try that Boo Bear shit Haz," he pointed, laughing. 
Zayn had put down his magazine and was mouthing something to me behind Louis' head. 
L, F, P, D. 
"L, F, P,D? What does that mean?" I asked. 
Louis' eyes widened. 
I typed in 5373 and the phone unlocked. Harry cheered and leaned up against me to see the phone. 
"I hate you Zayn," Louis frowned as he flung his head back up. 

@Louis_Tomlinson: Harry and Jorgie are the best two people in the world. :) x 

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"Oh, L, F, P, D!" Harry suddenly worked it out, "Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. You are so cute Lou," he laughed. 
"Shut up," he replied. 

I heard Paul push the door open and we ran through the crowd that waited at the hotel. 
"Vegas," Zayn smiled as we walked through. The hotel was more eccentric then the others. 

Louis was practically bouncing when he came into our room later.
"Few more hours," he smiled. 
"El is almost here?" 
He nodded and ran back out. 
I snuggled into Harry, who was on his laptop. 
"We should do a twitcam," he laughed suddenly. 
"I'm in my PJs but," I groaned. 
"And you still look beautiful." He pecked my lips and set up the twitcam. 

"I don't even know if I'm doing this right," he laughed. 
"People can see you Harry," I pointed to the people tweeting. 
"Oh, hello!" he waved at the screen. 
"Hi," I smiled. 
"How is everybody?" 
I laughed and pointed at one of the tweets. 
@DominiqueTommo1D: Is that sex hair Harry?
"Is that.." Harry read and then laughed, "That is highly inappropriate." 
"Hi to Madison from Australia," I was reading through. "Thank you for complimenting my accent Gloria." 
"What type of tweet is that?" Harry laughed pointing out a tweet with just a jumble of letters. 

The next hour, Harry was still talking to people. My eyes were beginning to droop. It was almost 11:30pm and I was tired from the drive. I leaned against Harry and drifted off while he still spoke to people. 
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