Wild Wolf

Part teenager, part wolf and all free...


3. The lab

I groaned, and then I woke up,the wolfsbane,everything came back to me.The boy,he told me his name when I was slipping into the black void we call "faze outs". I groaned again,my sides hurt and my ears kept hearing beeping noises.


My eyes snapped open and I jumped up,startleing a scientist who was monetring my actions by the looks of it.He looked at me in suprise,my body arched  and my teeth bared,the small grey room was dull and it took away my breath.


Then he walked in,his name was Jospeh and my arch enemy now.

"Well,looks like you woke up."He sang as if I was not trapped in a grey room with wires sticking out of my body like frankienstien.I ran round my confiened space bashing against the bars as electric currents were sent through my body.


"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!" I holwed as came to see his face again through the bars of the trap I was forced to stay in.


"Because I want to expose you,werewolf."My eyes wore an expression of fear and a lump caught in my throat,he knew what I was but I was determind not the give in.....

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