Wild Wolf

Part teenager, part wolf and all free...


4. Deuce

I was sick of that place, with its painful tests and tripping wires. I was sick to my very core and I desperatly wanted someone to get me out of there. No matter how hard they tried, I refused to change; I made myself cope with the pods, the heat, the electricution and the bribery.

I heard a faint patter of footsteps, gradually getting louder and nearer. Out of the shadows came a boy who I have never seen before. He was scared - I could smell it.

'Who are you?' the boy said timidly. For a moment I didn't know whether he was talking to me or not, but then I realise that he must have been as we were the only two people in the room.

'My name is Silverclaw.' The word came out as a snarl though I didn't know why. 'Who are you, boy?'

He looked at me nervously. 'I'm Deuce and I'm going to help you be free.'

Slowly he walked towards me, but stopped midstep. I saw a reaction of fear sweep across his face and he took a few steps away from me. I glanced down at the reflection in my water bowl. I'd changed.

Regaining his confidence slightly, he continued to creep towards me. In a matter of seconds he was almost close enough to touch my fur, but froze as an echo of footsteps entered the room.

'Deuce, what are you doing?' snaped a voice I recognise as Joseph's.

He grabbed hold of Deuce by the scruff of his neck and dragged him away from me.

I was holding my breath, my heart beating fast. I had finally cracked, I had finally changed. Changing back wasn't as simple as one, two, three and I knew that I couldn't let Joseph see me like this. Please leave, I silenly begged, please just leave.

Joseph had taken Deuce to the corner of the room.

'What do you think you're doing in here?' he demanded.

'I was just observing the werewolf,' Deuce said cooly. 'Nothing to get so upset about - don't get your knickers in a twist.'

Joseph eyed him suspiciously then said, 'All right, but don't let me catch you in here by yourself again.'

They were about to leave - Joseph's hand was on the door handle and everything - but he turned his head slightly . . . and he saw me.

Joseph froze and stared at me he muttered under his breath,

"You will change,you will be broken."

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