Wild Wolf

Part teenager, part wolf and all free...


2. Beggining

"Silverclaw,where are you Silverclaw?"I groaned,Ma Wolf was calling for me,I didn't bother to shout a reply,I got dressed and hauled myself into the forest.My jeans brushing against the tree roots,I stood up,I inhaled the fresh morning air and sprinted to Ma Wolf's den.


"I'm here Ma Wolf."I grumbled,Ma Wolf poked her head around the corner,she smiled and beckond me in.Her smile vanished when I entered the room,it was replaced with a distastful scowl.


"That scowl say's everything Ma Wolf but not what's actually wrong."

"There is a boy in the woods,I want you to go and ask him what he's doing."The word "boy" was snarled,Ma Wolf would often do this when she talked about humans but no me of course.


So I left the den and set off onto the path,I saw the boy,his head snapped towards me,I saw a compas needle face towards me and before I could speak,a net with heavy weights held me down with the intoxicating scent of wolfsbane......

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