What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


3. Working

I'm really happy right now. I have working with Niall shyness problems in 3 weeks. I can see his progress. It's so nice! He having singing for me, 10 times or something. He singing for his parents too and my mom, yeah, you name it.

I really think he's ready to do it in center of London soon. But he must say, when he's ready. I will not say to him "you must do it!" It's evil. But I'm proud of him anyway.  It's Monday and I was on my school. I stood front of my closet. Niall was on the same school like me, but haven't seen him today. "Hey, have you seen Niall today?" I asked my friend. "No, I'm sorry" she answered. Maybe he was with his friends. There was Jack. He was always together with Niall, but not today. What's going on? Is Niall kidnapped? Oh, I don't think so. "Jack, have you seen Niall today?" I asked him. "Yeah, I met him here in morning. He said he should do something in the music room." He answered. "Thank you!" I said and began to go to the music room. Seriously, will Niall sing for them in the music room? Here was the room. I could go in.. but would it be .. you know.. unfriendly to do? I began to count down from 10. "3, 2, 1, here we go!" I whispered. I knocked on the door. No-one said something. I just going in. I actually heard Niall sing and playing guitar front the audience from the music room. Everyone clapped and said something with "You're amazing Niall!" Oh, I'm so proud. I just enjoyed the music. We was on the road. Niall stopped, "hey, what do you think about my little concert at the school?" He said and his smile became bigger. "It was SO awesome! I'm so proud, than you could do it!" I said happy. He hugged me, "I could not have done it, if it wasn't for you, love. You're amazing" he whispered in my ear. "Oh, you do me speechless with all your sweet words to me. A girl there have a guy like you, is the world's luckiest girl." I said and smiled, then he kissed me.

I stood front my closet again. Now I thinking. I was sure, he always singing for me and everyone else at the school. He was ready. Not to sing on center of London, because.. You know, he have singing for everyone at the school. He's so happy to singing. So now.. It's time to talk about ... X Factor. "Hey!" my friend Ida said behind me. "Hey Ida, what's up?" I said while I turned around, so I looked at her. "Can we eat lunch together now?" she asked while she was going to the canteen. "Sure! Want to say something?" I going after her, and tried to look serious, but I have too much to thinking about.

"I heard Niall singing in the canteen earlier, I mean it.. It was fantastic!" she said, and just sat on the chair. "Wouldn't you have something to eat?" I asked, and changed what we talked about. "No, I just would talk with you, sorry." she answered. Okay, it's weird, because she said "Can we eat lunch now?", but anyway. "Okay, but yes. Niall singing a lot now. His voice is nice." I said. "Yeah, he should go to X Factor, really. He have the voice." she said and looked down on the table. "Yeah, I thinking about this too. But how to say? I mean.. I can't say 'hey Niall, will you go to X Factor? It'll do me very happy' or something. It'll listen stupid, Ida!" I sounded angry, but I wasn't. 'Take it easy, you just say "What about X Factor?' It'll be great!" She said. Yeah, maybe she is right. "Okay, I'll do." I sighed. "Fantastic! You can do it, I know. Well. Do you want to eat something now?" She said happy. "Sure!" I said.

Then we eating. I'll go home afterwards.

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