What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


2. Changed mind

I woke up in my bed alone. I had a really bad feeling of guilt. I knew I must go to Niall, and said I'm sorry. I took my favorite dress on, and walked around in the house, just to seeing that, somebody is home. My mom was in the bed and sleeped. That's right, she shouldn't go to work today. Great, what to do? Just going out of the door or wait to she wake up? Oh shit, my mind say "Waiiiiit to your mom wake up!" So I'll do. I will make breakfast, to me and my mom, then I have make it, I'll wake her. 

We ate together, and my mom said "Thank you for breakfast, love." Now I'll go to Niall house. It's just center of London he living, I'm there about 2 minutes.

I knocked on the door, his father opened. He said I could come in. I stood in the utility room. I could hear the guitar playing, and a fantastic voice. "It's Niall.. He's been insane of the music from the morning." His father said. I thought he was walked from the utility room, but he still looked at me. "Well.." I said slowly, "What about yesterday?" I saw at him, and closed my mouth. "Well, he just going to his room, and was there rest of the day." he said, "Go to him, he aren't angry on you, I swear!" I rocked on my shoulders, "Maybe I should come back later.. I could.." I began, but his father pushed me. "Okay fine!" I said a little bit angrily.

I knocked on the door to Niall's room, "Niall, are you all right?" I yelled to him.. I could hear he threw his guitar on the bed, then he running to the door, and opened. There he stood. So beautiful.. No words can describe his perfection. "MY LOVE!" He yelled. I couldn't understand what happens. "Eh, Niall.." I began. "Come! I must say something to you." Niall said. He was really happy, I could hear, but I don't understand why. I set me on his bed. He took his guitar again. "I changed mind. You're right. We can work with my shyness." Niall said, and looked at me. "Are you serious? Oh, this is so great my love!" I said so happy. We smiled to each other. But.. I must say I'm sorry to him. That's why I come. "Niall.." I said, and looked down, "I'm so sorry for this yesterday, it took the upper hand." I said quiet. Now he set beside me, and kissed my cheek. "Love, it isn't your fault. You was right. I was an idiot not to see it. Don't say it's your fault." He said. He's so sweet.. "It's not your fault too! You're not an idiot, love. Don't say that." I said. "Sorry sweetheart. But can you help me, with my shyness?" He smiled. He really mean it. Oh, can you do anything than to love him? "Of course! I'll suggest to start just singing for me." I said, and smiled. He rose up, and now he stood front of me. "I have to sing a song, only for you." He said, but I could see, he was unsure. I just smiled, and tried to tell from my smile, that's okay and he's fantastic.

I clapped at him. His song was very incredible. "You're awesome! Just with a voice like this, you have nothing to worry over, I mean it." I said to him and smiled. "You're very sweet! Thank you. Soo.. How much do you think we must practice?" Niall asked. "Well, I don't know how it'll go, for other peoples than me." I answered and looked a little serious. "What do you mean?" Niall looked confused. "I mean, you must sing for other than me. Maybe you could sing in center of London one time. If you can do that, you're ready!" I said. I know it listen hard, but.. It's only the right way to get out of the shyness. "Well.. There's only one way.. And it is to trying." He said, and looked down on the guitar. He played a little. He's right. We must just try.

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