What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


4. Broken friendship

I was in center of London, because Niall would be here."NIALL!" I running over to him. He haven't heard me, I think. "Niall!" I said again. He turned around, "what's up?" he said. "Who's your friends there?" I asked. "Oh, never mind, love. It's just Michael." Niall said and smiled. "Niall, I have something to say to you!" I said. "Not now. We can talk this evening. I have to do something with Michael. He said it's important. Is it okay?" he said. "Sure, okay. Bye" I said a little annoyed. I would call Ida. So the shopping could be with her and I could tell her about Niall. "Okay, I'm there about 5 minutes!" she said in the phone, then she completed the conversation, now I'll wait for her. 

"Hey!" Ida said. "Hey Ida. Are you ready?" I said. "Sure!" she answered happy and looked around. We was going for shop to shop. "Hey Ida, I tried to say to Niall, that I would say something to him, but he was together with his friend, and we can just talk this evening." I said to her while she tried a dress. "Oh, how evil. Well. You must wait anyway." She said. How could I wait? It'll be the world's longest day. I sighed highly. "What do you think?" Ida said, and talked about her dress. "This is nice!" I said and was a little unconcentrated for her. "You said this for them all." She said and was surely annoyed. It sounded so. "But all of them was nice, I'm sorry." I said, and I still was unconcentrated. I couldn't forgot this about Niall.

Ida was outside of the shop. I sighed and going out, and tried to find her. "Look, I will not be here with you, if you haven't anything else to think about than your Niall. Please, choose. Me or Niall." She said. I stood and looked in her brown eyes. "Seriously Ida, how can you say that? How can you say to me, that I must choose between Niall and you? I CAN'T do this!" I said and was in shock. "So you choose Niall?!" she said angrily. "I don't say that!" I answered and crossed my arms and looked serious on her, she looked serious on me too. I couldn't understand why she want, I must choose between Niall and her. This is SO selfish! "I wait." Ida said and smiled, but it was an annoying glance and smile. "Ida! I can't choose! Don't forcing me, to do this. Really!" I said, and tried not to crying. Be strong.. "I KNEW it! Deep in your eyes, you would choose Niall. You don't care about me. I'm your best friend!" she said very highly. I could feel the people's glances. "Please, take it easy. I swear, I'll not talk about Niall rest of the day." I said, and tried to reassure her. "Fine, but if you say "Niall" one more time, I'm done with you." Ida said and smiled annoying again. Have she never been in love? Oh my god, seriously. She's an idiot, I just saying. "Fine." I said, she decide about this, I think. 

Oh, Niall send me a message: "My love, I miss you. But I don't think we can be together this evening. I'm so sorry, but me and Michael must be together tonight. I hope you understand. I swear you can come tomorrow - Your Niall xx" I was a little angry at him. I mean.. I understand it, but.. I must say something important to him. "What?" Ida said, she could see, that I looked sad. "Never mind." I said, but felt something else. "Okay" she just answered. I was still angry at her.

Niall was in this restaurant! With Michael. What are he doing there? Ida could see Niall. She sat on a bench 10 meter from us. I followed her, and sat me beside her. She looked at me. "I knew you couldn't!" she said. "I'm sorry, but Niall.. I love him.. And ..." I said but she interrupted me. "You're so busy of him, and you forget me! Friends come before boyfriends! We're out together, I don't want to hear about Niall and you!" she yelled. "I know! But you're selfish! You only think about yourself!" I yelled back. Everyone could hear us, but I don't care, because I was tired that she only yelled of me. "Today we only have talked about you and Niall! And then you call me selfish?!" she said very angrily. I could see her eyes was angrily. "YEAH!" I said and hesitated a little, but continued "About the last 1 hours it's only about YOU! You're dresses, you're problems etc.! You said I must choose between you and him." I yelled. "Can you please stop yelling?" she said, but before I answered, she continued, "yeah, I said you must choose, because I'm tired to be number two in your list of friendship." I looked down on the ground. And I relaxed a little. "You aren't number two." I said quiet. "But what's going on here? You always together with HIM. You haven't call me the last 3 weeks." she said more angrily. "I.. I was together with Niall" I said hesitantly. "Yeah, that's right. 'Oh, look at me. I'm together with Niall Horan, oh.. My friends? I'm together with THEM if I'm bored' that's exactly that way you are." she yelled right into my face. "I'm not like this!" I said. "I have to go. I'm done with you." she said and rose up and going away. "Wait Ida!" I yelled, but she don't heard it. She was gone. I sighed and put my hands front my eyes. And began to cry. My day was miserable.

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