What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


5. Best talk

I wake up. My pillow was wet of my constant crying I have got 10 messages from Niall and 1 from mom. I read my mom's message first. "Hi darling - I'm sorry, I must go to work today. I hope you're allright. I have made your breakfast, and it's in the Fridge. You must heat it up. I come home late today - Mom xoxo" I sighed. I read Niall's messages. Them all was like "I'm so sorry, I hope you're all right, I love you - Niall xx" what's going on for everyone today? They're worried about me? One message from Niall was: "Ida text me what's going on. She's an idiot, don't listen to her. Just come to me, when you wake up" How did Ida get his number? That's weird. But I'll ask him today. Now I eat my breakfast, and took clothes on. Now I'll go to Niall. I sighed highly.

I knocked on the door. Niall opened. "Hi" he said a little sad. "Hi" I said, I was too tired to say more. "Well, come in." he said quiet. I go in, and would going to his room. He followed me. I sat me on his bed. "I'm sorry. I know you saw me in the restaurant. Me and Michael ..." he began. "Stop, I'm not angry on you Niall. It's okay. It's just that way you said it. 'Not now'. But it's okay, I swear!" I said. "Oh, good. Well... Eh.." Niall hesitated. "How have you get Ida's number?" I asked. "She haven't. She met Michael, and she texted to me from him." he said and looked on his phone. "Well, weird. Why she told you?" I asked but expented no return. "I don't know." he answered. Now there was a silence with us. I couldn't like the silence. Because I was so sad. And if there was a silence.. I can cry again. Niall saw it. He set him beside me. "Look, don't listen to her. She's an idiot. You deserve better." he said and comforted me. I hugged him. Now the silence was here again. But feeling with Niall around me, this is a lovely feeling. "Yeah, this is why I have you" I cried.

I laugh, and Niall sing for me. For 1 hours ago I thought my life was over, but Niall helped me very much. "Soo.. What now? My shyness is almost away." Niall smiled to me. "Well.. I thought about one thing." I said and smiled back. "What?" Niall said like it was a gift. "I thought.. You could join X Factor. It'll be so great!" I said and was a little unsure for the reaction. "X Factor?" Niall said confused. Really, haven't heard about X Factor? Oh well.. My lovely blonde. "Yeah... X Factor.. You know with the 4 judges. And maybe you win or something." I said. "Ohhh, that's right! I know what you mean." he answered and I laugh. But he became serious. "I don't know.. It's a very big step to take." he said, and now he looked down on the floor. "I know, but I believe you." I said and looked at him. "But.. If they said no?" he said worried. "Well.. So they haven't sense of music." I smiled. "I'll think about it, okay?" he asked. "It's your choice, not mine. If you wont, so this is it. I'll not force you." I said. He just smiled to me.

This is evening. This is the best talk I have with him. But I miss Ida. But why I do it? I walked on the road on the way home, and I just thinking on Ida. Is it the time worth? When I come home, I'll tell my mom, I have it better.

Ida text me "Hi, I'm bored, if you want to hang out with me, so call me. - Ida xoxo" No no no, I don't think so. I know this is childish, and maybe I should forgive her, but no. She is going over the line, and when she say "I'm sorry" we can talk about to hang out. But right now, I'll ignore her. I deleted the message..

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