What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


1. At home

I stood there. Outside the door to the bathroom. I could hear Niall sing while, he was in bath. He's very cute when he sing. I know, I stood very close the door. It was like my ear was pressed in to the door. If he went out of the room now, I would get the door in my face and I would surely fall down on the floor too. Only 16 years old and so talented. I couldn't do anything, than to love him. Who knows, maybe Niall is a popular pop star with me from the sidelines. I could, you know, cheer at him. Like "Come on, Niall! I know you can do it."

"Oh, what are you doing?" I thought for myself and continued, "if Niall is a popular pop star, what would he with me anyway? Just a little girl, there isn't in the starlight." I set me down on the floor, closed my eyes and waited for Niall would came out of the bathroom. While I waited, I could hear his beautiful voice.

The door opened, it was Niall. I looked at him. I could see his blonde wet hair, he looked at me, with his beautiful eyes, then he smiled to me. I just looked at him, and say nothing. "What's wrong, love?" he said, his face wasn't happy anymore. The face was worried. He sat beside me and began to drive his hand back and forth on my leg. The feeling was lovely, but I wouldn't destroy his mood. "Nothing!" I said, and smiled. His face was still worried, "why you sitting here?" he said, and looked deep in my eyes. "I..." I looked back in his beautiful eyes, "I heard you singing, while you was in bath" I said, and looked away from him. "Oh, not so specifically, I know, but I just.." He began, but I interrupted "No, Niall it was fantastic!" I looked at him again, I hoped he could see in eyes, that I mean what I said. But he didn't looked at me. He were quiet and looked down on the floor, like there was something there. Maybe a spider. I really wanted to look there too, but I would be serious. I continued "Nialler, your voice is nice and I sat here, and dreamed about you. You on a big scene, with a millions fans, with me in the sidelines, and I can cheer at you." I know I sounded very impressed and happy. "It'll never go." he whispered. He became quiet again, and still looked down on the floor, "I'm shy, I would never could do it." he sighed, and rose up. Oh great, you destroyed his mood anyway! "Niall, don't be shy, I'm here, I'll always be." I tried to reassure him. He turned around, and looked on me, "I know, but the shyness is a bad thing. A really bad thing. I can't do anything forth other peoples, and you know." he said sad. "We can work on it!" I said, and tried to make some hopes, "I mean, your voice.. It's a gift Niall. The voice mustn't go to waste." He rocked on his shoulders, then he began to walk over to the door. "Where you must go?" I said, before he opened the door. "I.. I must go home, love. I will surely come back tomorrow, I must think about this" he said, and opened the door, and walked out.

I stood in the house alone. My mom was working, she first come home evening. I just waited and waited and waited..

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